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Gratitudes and congratulations


Topic Date
Author Last message
mellor reaches Dwarf fsl 1208.27, 18:1018Expert_BOT08.31, 12:05, by Jitulek
fuliggine reaches Dwarf 12 (ahead of schedule)08.23, 03:0219#7490Marhallet08.30, 07:59, by #1209mellor
Nazra reaches cl1108.20, 02:1213Botmun08.29, 01:52, by dariel
grif reaches smith guild 8!08.23, 06:3617Expert_BOT08.25, 13:31, by #7490gonlador
Happy Birthday Kulala08.21, 05:409Lord KD08.22, 04:01, by kulala
Congratz to z_j_cd on the new estate!08.19, 02:1615#1519myevan208.20, 08:51, by RevolutionRebel
fuliggine reaches TG508.16, 11:5313BenLinus08.19, 11:06, by shubhamgoyal
Fury_Barb reaches cl 1108.15, 20:3411Tr0oPeR08.17, 18:27, by Fury_Barb
TeddyT lvl 1408.14, 21:466Albriech08.16, 11:47, by BenLinus
ProZyk reaches cl15!08.06, 17:4619#2304General Zod08.15, 17:32, by vicky666
Kulala level 11!08.12, 13:549Chiki08.14, 15:54, by kulala
Condolences on levelling up - cktest, level 1508.06, 14:0115shubhamgoyal08.13, 12:14, by RicHunter
Shubhamgoyal reaches TG 5!08.04, 20:0413Mega Demon08.12, 10:10, by #1209ninjagomaster
Congrats ninjagomaster! Level 16 :D07.21, 14:4929shubhamgoyal08.01, 16:41, by pumpainais
Pastak reaches CL 1707.28, 20:3321Nowar07.31, 17:43, by Bewear
Saira Level 14!!07.29, 11:199Bewear07.30, 18:34, by Albriech
General Zod reaches CL1207.27, 15:1116Expert_BOT07.28, 22:32, by ishan
Another annoying noob at EFL levels up! :D (Nazra -> Level 10)07.24, 00:2417shubhamgoyal07.28, 13:15, by #7490Marhallet
Expert_Bot reaches CL1407.19, 15:3419Botmun07.22, 17:10, by pumpainais
Vicky666 reaches cg1!07.18, 00:1319#2304General Zod07.20, 05:47, by ProZyk
Marhallet -> Dwarf FSL 1107.15, 17:5823shubhamgoyal07.18, 23:53, by #9595Patou
General Zod reaches CG107.16, 19:1515vicky66607.17, 14:05, by ishan
Jitulek reaches LG 13!!07.14, 15:5418Platomic I07.15, 17:14, by grif
Fury Barb reaches CL 10!07.07, 12:1721Mega Demon07.15, 09:59, by #7490AKA-Sarobinas
gitropiks reached Wizard FSL 1007.06, 17:537Expert_BOT07.14, 03:07, by BenLinus
Shubhamgoyal--->TG 507.05, 14:3912Mega Demon07.13, 16:42, by #7490Meshy
Barbmaster reaches CL1407.12, 12:4214BenLinus07.13, 12:00, by Botmun
Prozyk gets necro FSL11!07.04, 13:4022#2304General Zod07.06, 15:22, by Reckoning
Lord MilesTeg reaches combat level 17 !07.03, 17:5517grif07.04, 10:49, by ProZyk
100thFighter reaches Combat Level 1306.27, 17:4217Botmun07.03, 11:26, by 100thfighter

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