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Gratitudes and congratulations


Topic Date
Author Last message
Prozyk reaches (already) cl17!06.12, 16:3928The One Ring06.16, 14:10, by #1209-BayerN-
Thank you Nazra!06.08, 17:3610shubhamgoyal06.08, 21:15, by #7490Nazra
Superbacon reaches elf FSL 1306.05, 13:5520#7490Meshy06.08, 01:48, by #7490gitropiks
Lord Syrian is Combat Level 19 now!!!05.27, 19:0234#1209Botmun05.31, 20:30, by #7153MagDonald
Happy Birthday Ninjagomaster!05.14, 16:1311Chico05.27, 14:42, by #7490Meshy
Setsunu hits CL 18!05.01, 16:1629#7490Ektoras05.14, 14:47, by astorgate
Modi reaches CL 19 !04.24, 21:0913Platomic I05.01, 08:29, by #7490Setsunu
Grif constructs estate at peaceful camp!04.14, 17:1125#7490Meshy04.19, 01:09, by grif
Gratz for EFL mates top 100 score at past Great Experiment event04.11, 17:3415RicHunter04.14, 11:44, by #2473Lord photonics
RevolutionRebel is now CL 19!04.09, 14:4820#4201virtual_vitrea04.11, 12:55, by astorgate
Jabbar reaches leaders guild 903.19, 00:1814#7490y0Junior04.02, 10:13, by astorgate
Lord photonics reaches CL 1403.19, 16:4118vicky66603.24, 10:59, by #2473Lord photonics
Laco24 reaches WG7 and LEG 9.03.12, 18:2721RecorderPT03.19, 21:41, by #7490vrancea
Swiftblade level 11!03.09, 07:306Chico03.10, 03:38, by #7490Nazra
AG1 Achieved03.06, 05:035SwiftBladez03.09, 06:10, by #5169Эшкерэ
Meshy reaches AG 203.03, 08:3012Expert_BOT03.08, 12:46, by #7490Ektoras
Jitulek hits AG3!!03.03, 04:2810#7490Meshy03.06, 15:39, by Platomic I
General Zod ---> AG 2!!03.03, 11:5413Chico03.05, 12:54, by ishan
Thank you admins03.01, 01:145whiz03.02, 18:20, by Chico
Expert_Bot hits CL16!02.24, 13:5117#823General Zod02.27, 19:34, by RicHunter
Nowar is level 18 !02.19, 05:1823grif02.26, 14:23, by #7490AKA-Sarobinas
Luanmaca hits CL 20!02.14, 15:3629Jabbar02.21, 18:55, by #10721miss E
Happy Birthday Expert_BOT02.19, 13:484Ur_End_Is_Here02.19, 16:15, by Expert_BOT
Jitulek reaches Leaders' Guild 902.14, 12:4410Expert_BOT02.18, 23:22, by #9595merlin36
General Zod -> CL 15!02.13, 12:2222Cat on tree02.18, 11:54, by #823General Zod
god_mom reaches CL 1402.13, 00:5114#7490y0Junior02.18, 05:26, by shubhamgoyal
Expert_Bot hits LeG 902.14, 10:3213#7490Meshy02.18, 00:47, by astorgate
Nazra reaches CL14!02.09, 21:5516#823General Zod02.12, 23:02, by Divit
Calamity reaches level 1702.03, 09:3822Expert_BOT02.11, 17:42, by #7490Nazra
SuperBacon reaches lvl 1902.01, 15:5021Expert_BOT02.10, 03:20, by #7490gonlador

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