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Gratitudes and congratulations


Topic Date
Author Last message
Myevan2 - WG702.06, 11:3013#7705Lord MilesTeg02.09, 15:29, by astorgate
Jabbar reaches CL1601.28, 23:4218RicHunter02.04, 00:45, by astorgate
Vrancea reach lev 1901.29, 22:5812#7490avelox02.03, 23:33, by astorgate
Mellor reaches CL20!01.19, 15:0728#7490Meshy01.28, 08:06, by SuperBacon
Mellor reaches SG8!01.25, 17:0811#7490Meshy01.27, 20:26, by #1209mellor
Congrats deadnamez on making CL1201.25, 05:389#7705Albriech01.26, 13:41, by #7490y0Junior
Paraipan lev 2001.14, 21:2926#7490vrancea01.25, 22:36, by shubhamgoyal
Lord selfist reaches CL 2001.19, 21:0525Platomic I01.23, 16:05, by RicHunter
This is Goodbye for me01.20, 10:373#1209FearMyArmy01.20, 11:35, by #7490Meshy
Corey builds an estate!01.09, 22:5918Expert_BOT01.18, 09:15, by #4201Corey
Luanmaca constructs an estate!01.12, 22:0519Jabbar01.17, 15:56, by #7490Marhallet
mkland reaches lev.1901.06, 23:1322#7490vrancea01.14, 17:47, by dariel
Expert_Bot hits fsl 12 elf!01.06, 06:0319#7490Meshy01.14, 17:14, by MrBattleControl
Ektoras reaches CL 1701.10, 16:3129vicky66601.14, 17:14, by MrBattleControl
Latawica hits level 22!01.06, 21:0433#7490Meshy01.14, 17:12, by MrBattleControl
Jitulek hits level 22!01.11, 12:5225#7490Meshy01.14, 07:21, by #7490Viod
Lord Zehir -> AG 101.11, 09:553Cat on tree01.11, 11:40, by vicky666
Neon10 is a thief now!12.26, 10:4922ProZyk01.07, 15:40, by #7490Marhallet
Thanks to Meshy and Omar for the Campaign guidance01.07, 03:311SwiftBladez01.07, 03:31, by SwiftBladez
Aurelija hits level 17 ! :)12.31, 02:1928grif01.05, 20:40, by Gahny
Latviesu Lords reaches CL 12!12.29, 19:1912pumpainais01.02, 12:19, by astorgate
D-rock Becomes a Father12.22, 06:3316Stephen Clark01.02, 10:44, by Cat on tree
Happy New Year everyone!12.31, 20:3613#7490Meshy01.01, 18:46, by Platomic I
Meshy reaches LG 1112.20, 21:0617Platomic I12.30, 10:14, by SuperBacon
Ninjagomaster reaches CL 17!12.22, 11:4625ProZyk12.29, 17:31, by shubhamgoyal
SG8 Ninjagomaster!12.17, 20:1620#7490Meshy12.28, 20:27, by grif
AKA-Sarobinas reaches lvl 1912.22, 17:1720#7490Ektoras12.25, 22:48, by Lord selfist
Richunter reaches CL 16!12.21, 19:1817vicky66612.24, 16:40, by MrBattleControl
General Zod reaches CL 14!12.13, 12:4020Mega Demon12.20, 20:52, by #7490Ektoras
FredySky reaches level 15!12.15, 07:3418#1209-BayerN-12.20, 20:49, by #7490Ektoras

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