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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
illegal transfers04.15, 11:532Lord richies04.17, 00:02, by #1209Edwin
Unreturned Debt04.07, 23:264#5390hozz04.14, 11:45, by #5390hozz
Unreturned Debt04.07, 23:221#5390hozz04.07, 23:22, by #5390hozz
about my acc recovery04.04, 20:323#7490Sheamus04.05, 09:46, by #7490Meshy
BOW04.04, 19:591Black Fog04.04, 19:59, by Black Fog
i got hacked last night04.04, 13:031vbFifi04.04, 13:03, by vbFifi
BOW04.04, 11:401Mega Elf04.04, 11:40, by Mega Elf
Vulgar profile name03.29, 11:432Lord KD03.29, 14:40, by Mega Demon
Illegal Buying Script User01.23, 05:3310ProZyk03.21, 01:28, by #7490Meshy
BOW03.02, 12:501Yes I03.02, 12:50, by Yes I
Requesting Clean Sheet03.01, 13:193#9595cool_knight03.01, 14:49, by #15Beliar
Reporting myself - Illegal transfers02.13, 00:153Flying_Penguin03.01, 14:49, by #15Beliar
BOW03.01, 06:591cool_elf03.01, 06:59, by cool_elf
BOW02.28, 17:531Eskkar02.28, 17:53, by Eskkar
BOW02.22, 12:491Mega Necro02.22, 12:49, by Mega Necro
Obscene language in character information02.20, 06:211Хоуленд Рид02.20, 06:21, by Хоуленд Рид
Illegal transfer02.04, 18:581Mega Demon02.04, 18:58, by Mega Demon
Illegal transfer02.02, 19:486Mega Demon02.04, 17:10, by Mega Demon
BOW02.03, 11:391pippo202.03, 11:39, by pippo2
http://www.lordswm.com/pl_transfers .php?id=699965801.26, 05:031eimantas201.26, 05:03, by eimantas2
multiple character management rules violation01.23, 20:542Shiningstarr01.23, 20:58, by Shiningstarr
some more illegal transfers i found.01.21, 16:192Lord susliks12301.21, 16:22, by Lord susliks123
highly illegal transfers in slav01.20, 23:208Lord susliks12301.21, 06:48, by Mega Demon
might be financial assist01.11, 15:189Lord susliks12301.16, 20:53, by Mega Demon
Unrequested loan01.16, 19:221Lord Syrian01.16, 19:22, by Lord Syrian
Offensive Nickname01.14, 18:253Ipsen01.14, 18:38, by Lord susliks123
What are they doing?01.14, 15:371DDaamnAddMMins01.14, 15:37, by DDaamnAddMMins
interest in loans01.02, 14:107Lord susliks12301.14, 12:22, by guyb
BOW01.14, 12:141Icicle01.14, 12:14, by Icicle
BOW01.07, 20:541Haris_knight01.07, 20:54, by Haris_knight

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