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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
BoW My Alts because of thiere illigal Actions-05.27, 11:021DarkSneeze05.27, 11:02, by DarkSneeze
BoW My Alts because of thiere illigal Actions-05.27, 11:001FurySneeze05.27, 11:00, by FurySneeze
BoW / Jail my main / Block my alts.10.08, 02:387WizardSneeze05.27, 10:35, by WizardSneeze
Gold is illegal05.22, 18:2312falah_ala7babi05.23, 22:16, by falah_ala7babi
BOW05.21, 02:031nicolas2005.21, 02:03, by nicolas20
Gold is illegal05.19, 00:044falah_ala7babi05.19, 10:16, by #4201virtual_vitrea
bow05.09, 18:381ireena05.09, 18:38, by ireena
Illegal Transfers05.01, 06:441666beasty05.01, 06:44, by 666beasty
BOW04.30, 13:562Deadwa04.30, 13:56, by Deadwa
BOW04.30, 13:542Shrewss04.30, 13:54, by Shrewss
Account Hack...02.11, 09:433Mingles04.28, 09:56, by juzwa
second acc04.25, 18:343#1209latviesu lords04.25, 22:04, by rusher123
Please block secondary not accessible because of bad password setting.03.29, 10:233pippo203.30, 08:53, by #9595eddy_immanuel
Illegal script users - element hunters02.25, 11:057Nowar03.24, 17:17, by #7705Lawton
bOW03.19, 14:481The One Ring03.19, 14:48, by The One Ring
Illegal Transferarooni03.15, 03:346Mzy03.17, 01:32, by Mzy
Suspicious transfers03.16, 22:091The One Ring03.16, 22:09, by The One Ring
Please block these other accounts of mine03.16, 17:192EliteWish03.16, 17:25, by #7490MrBattleControl
Request BOW please02.24, 11:192ogma03.06, 01:14, by ogma
BOW03.05, 19:161ProSkill03.05, 19:16, by ProSkill
BOW03.04, 01:091Lord Loboo03.04, 01:09, by Lord Loboo
Script for trading03.02, 21:051Pastak03.02, 21:05, by Pastak
BOW request02.21, 08:111pippo02.21, 08:11, by pippo
Bow02.19, 22:401deivis502.19, 22:40, by deivis5
illegal transfers / financial aid by alt characters02.17, 13:081ImmortalRegis02.17, 13:08, by ImmortalRegis
suspicious gold transfers01.31, 09:252imsunny402.08, 13:04, by imsunny
BOW02.04, 06:371Sir_Selrahc02.04, 06:37, by Sir_Selrahc
suspicious gold transfers02.02, 22:001imsunny02.02, 22:00, by imsunny
Script for Trading01.19, 18:344awesome 199301.27, 08:39, by awesome 1993
foul personal character information01.27, 05:481DoomStJohn01.27, 05:48, by DoomStJohn

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