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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
BOW02.04, 06:371Sir_Selrahc02.04, 06:37, by Sir_Selrahc
suspicious gold transfers02.02, 22:001imsunny02.02, 22:00, by imsunny
Script for Trading01.19, 18:344awesome 199301.27, 08:39, by awesome 1993
foul personal character information01.27, 05:481DoomStJohn01.27, 05:48, by DoomStJohn
suspicious gold transfers01.26, 16:191imsunny01.26, 16:19, by imsunny
SriHarsha Blocked12.23, 11:5412Adithya00901.26, 11:45, by #276Beliar
unreturned loan01.22, 13:137beast01.24, 17:11, by beast
Unfair purchase01.17, 23:295Majid00501.23, 09:00, by awesome 1993
Request BOW please01.19, 14:512Narciska01.19, 14:51, by Narciska
A request for BOW01.15, 14:421Gerald_of_rivia01.15, 14:42, by Gerald_of_rivia
unsigned multi/financial assist01.13, 07:401DoomStJohn01.13, 07:40, by DoomStJohn
Illegal transfers01.12, 20:001ArchDevil01.12, 20:00, by ArchDevil
Vulgarity name.01.10, 09:582Rantos01.11, 16:48, by #4201virtual_vitrea
suspicious transfers01.01, 14:532Mycroft01.07, 14:26, by chikish
Suspicious transfers12.26, 20:462imsunny12.30, 15:19, by imsunny
star12.26, 12:245bogkick12.28, 14:59, by #7490MrBattleControl
Suspicious transfers12.27, 16:511imsunny12.27, 16:51, by imsunny
Illegal transfer06.17, 20:4024osama_bin_ladin12.23, 20:28, by Back from DEAD
Possible multi accounts or illegal transfers06.20, 19:5220#1209Arcanide12.23, 20:26, by Back from DEAD
Vulgarity in Nickname12.17, 13:434Ipsen12.17, 18:50, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Automatic resource seller12.09, 22:542#1209Lord Zehir12.16, 19:59, by Awesome 13
Would like a BOW on this account please!11.29, 08:401MangoBlanco11.29, 08:40, by MangoBlanco
Vulgarity in Nickname11.26, 10:462Ipsen11.27, 16:35, by Mycroft
suspicious gold transfers11.21, 15:361imsunny11.21, 15:36, by imsunny
unsigned multi/financial assist/foul personal character information11.19, 11:031DoomStJohn11.19, 11:03, by DoomStJohn
foul personal character information11.13, 06:211DoomStJohn11.13, 06:21, by DoomStJohn
Phishing11.03, 23:121Wonderla11.03, 23:12, by Wonderla
Potential Financial Assist10.25, 04:441-Rory-10.25, 04:44, by -Rory-
multiple rules violations10.05, 06:543DoomStJohn10.23, 05:39, by DoomStJohn
bow10.15, 12:051veer_veer10.15, 12:05, by veer_veer

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