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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
unsigned multi/financial assist/unreturned loans03.24, 06:375DoomStJohn03.27, 09:27, by DoomStJohn
block this accounts03.19, 22:102WeedTime03.21, 19:48, by #7153DEATHisNEAR
BOW03.19, 16:191Reign of Terror03.19, 16:19, by Reign of Terror
For administration03.16, 22:352Mihir03.16, 22:35, by Mihir
Bow03.08, 11:361Shiningstarr03.08, 11:36, by Shiningstarr
camp03.03, 00:243#7705knon03.07, 06:14, by #7153DEATHisNEAR
gold/artifact return01.16, 15:566Bheem03.01, 15:08, by siddi1111
BOW02.22, 21:221vistra02.22, 21:22, by vistra
Demand to admins!02.22, 13:082kartik02.22, 14:18, by MrBattleControl
BOW02.04, 10:451Reinhardit02.04, 10:45, by Reinhardit
Multi accounts in same battle01.23, 15:595GoodKnightBabe02.03, 20:59, by Insults
BOW02.02, 10:553appu02.03, 06:44, by appu
Illegal transfers and doesnt have loans gived back in time01.31, 23:371bo0bs123401.31, 23:37, by bo0bs1234
loan not back01.26, 18:432lordmohammad13001.27, 08:34, by ElfPride
Help from Multiaccounts01.15, 10:361One Punch Man01.15, 10:36, by One Punch Man
Swindle in trading01.13, 15:552darkelf8401.14, 17:45, by One Punch Man
BOW01.12, 23:351DR-OXID01.12, 23:35, by DR-OXID
BOW01.11, 18:111Mac9101.11, 18:11, by Mac91
A huge amount of illegal transfers01.03, 22:322CertifiedRogue01.11, 01:19, by CertifiedRogue
block01.09, 15:003knightyy01.10, 18:23, by ElfPride
block me01.09, 07:251Hutchettmann01.09, 07:25, by Hutchettmann
Block01.08, 23:521flying_star01.08, 23:52, by flying_star
block01.06, 19:472Super Meat Boy01.06, 19:47, by GOLDENnecromant
Please block old account Rilin and alt Slartiblartfast01.04, 16:333Whingebagge01.05, 04:49, by ElfPride
Financial assist/ unsigned multi01.04, 02:391DoomStJohn01.04, 02:39, by DoomStJohn
deativate12.29, 20:424LuckIsBest01.03, 12:07, by Bantex
illegal transfers12.31, 20:007knightyy01.03, 07:35, by knightyy
battles for facility control01.03, 00:261#7705knon01.03, 00:26, by #7705knon
block onlinecom12.28, 13:205appu12.30, 09:22, by Kartikaya
blocked me i am Resigned12.30, 09:151Kartikaya12.30, 09:15, by Kartikaya

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