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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
trades between accounts08.22, 12:061HAYATE ARMY08.22, 12:06, by HAYATE ARMY
Suspicious 'Scripting'??08.14, 10:475#7490wizard_apih08.15, 01:32, by #9595Acean
BoW08.14, 00:112Farceur08.14, 12:04, by Farceur
illegal transfer/multi account .08.01, 16:521strong barbie08.01, 16:52, by strong barbie
BoW07.29, 20:361Russ1anRoulette07.29, 20:36, by Russ1anRoulette
BoW07.29, 12:071_07.29, 12:07, by _
Suspicious transfers between characters07.20, 12:021#7490wizard_apih07.20, 12:02, by #7490wizard_apih
Clan Invite not sent after transferring 5k gold06.18, 07:126ghostpower206.20, 11:23, by #9595Warrior2002
Multi Account Tansfering money!06.05, 00:241Vilte06.05, 00:24, by Vilte
06.04, 21:06112345qwert06.04, 21:06, by 12345qwert
Multi Account Tansfering money!!! block All06.01, 00:221wizard0106.01, 00:22, by wizard01
script to buy items in market05.31, 10:304#7490King_Luigi05.31, 23:21, by #7490King_Luigi
illegal transfer/multi account .05.18, 20:452wzrd105.18, 20:52, by wzrd1
Suspicious transfers between 2 characters05.18, 03:483#7490wizard_apih05.18, 03:57, by #7490wizard_apih
Multi Account Tansfering money05.07, 19:201Gremmlo05.07, 19:20, by Gremmlo
Fu.-Ck you05.06, 18:421Amciq05.06, 18:42, by Amciq
Bidding 11:4005.02, 11:422HAYATE ARMY05.02, 11:59, by #7490Meshy
Too many characters, all unsigned04.23, 01:131DoomStJohn04.23, 01:13, by DoomStJohn
multi , illegal transfer of gold and items03.31, 16:273Lord-Milad03.31, 23:08, by Lord-Milad
Mulot block block.......03.30, 22:462Tvarius03.30, 22:46, by Tvarius
Want a new start- Finance penalty02.07, 21:466harilas-503.28, 02:24, by Tkss
Psz03.21, 05:101Samas03.21, 05:10, by Samas
BoW02.26, 22:072#1209latviesu lords03.01, 10:49, by #1209latviesu lords
MULTI02.13, 17:081jurga_02.13, 17:08, by jurga_
Fine for financial aid, block unsigned multi...02.06, 07:301DoomStJohn02.06, 07:30, by DoomStJohn
https://www.lordswm.com/pl_transfer s.php?id=744450102.01, 23:151magas-02.01, 23:15, by magas-
BoW12.31, 12:121Roneo_12.31, 12:12, by Roneo_
Hacked kitsing12.28, 02:292kitsing12.28, 19:44, by #7490Meshy
BoW12.24, 13:011lomy12.24, 13:01, by lomy
BoW12.24, 13:011BadGeorge12.24, 13:01, by BadGeorge

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