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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
Erase cheaters at beginning of their filthy game07.25, 00:312vidlak66607.25, 08:51, by #7181Omega22
illegal transfers07.24, 16:514Lord Lord_Ildasius07.25, 06:12, by 123ohmmy
BrotherTI & BrotherST07.24, 13:512Lord Madridista07.25, 00:13, by #4201Lord Pantheon
CGSMCMLXXV - Smithing assist from Anita200807.24, 22:0012#7181Lord Xerfer07.25, 00:11, by Lady Vengeful
illegal transfer07.24, 19:491Lord shadow_death07.24, 19:49, by Lord shadow_death
illegal transfers07.24, 16:032Lord MrNiceGuy07.24, 19:16, by Lord MrNiceGuy
one person plays 2 characters in duel07.24, 14:251Lord Rock_N_Rolla07.24, 14:25, by Lord Rock_N_Rolla
surrender06.08, 05:592nasasak07.24, 14:14, by GURU75
I'm a cheater07.24, 11:581Lord Tz-BackStab07.24, 11:58, by Lord Tz-BackStab
Unnamed multis, financial assist07.24, 10:051Owen07.24, 10:05, by Owen
Insulting MasterTI07.23, 23:472#7365Lord Conquest07.23, 23:48, by #7365Lord Conquest
Jeffyn14 and Jeffyn1207.23, 23:162Morjar07.23, 23:16, by Morjar
TGI not returned / all gold payed to a possible multi07.05, 21:184LordSchniesel07.23, 22:47, by LordSchniesel
Merriadok (finance)07.23, 19:191Lady -P3nnyw1se-07.23, 19:19, by Lady -P3nnyw1se-
i am board of this game07.23, 18:502phonix12307.23, 19:19, by #4201Shebali
No money back guaranteed07.23, 14:283Akomancer07.23, 15:10, by #7181Lord marked_one
cheating07.23, 13:052Lord tanmaypoke07.23, 13:05, by Lord tanmaypoke
Daegan wants to be unblocked07.23, 02:431Wiry07.23, 02:43, by Wiry
multis actions07.22, 22:241Lord _Bason_07.22, 22:24, by Lord _Bason_
Cheating07.22, 20:141Dalamar207.22, 20:14, by Dalamar2
Im reporting jakhole321 for swearing and mailing people07.22, 17:573Mr-Owner07.22, 18:32, by #4201Shebali
Sorry07.22, 09:102adamdines07.22, 09:50, by #7227Lord Vonemar
leroy_xxx and his many multis07.22, 08:421OndaNera07.22, 08:42, by OndaNera
Cheater07.22, 05:411BrutalStrike07.22, 05:41, by BrutalStrike
illegal obtained richness07.21, 21:591Lord Holland07.21, 21:59, by Lord Holland
Player is keeping TGI too long07.16, 20:5013rapra07.21, 20:14, by rapra
Inlegal resource and items trasfers!07.20, 15:333hellcharger07.21, 19:54, by munlax
illegal transfer and multis07.21, 18:131Lord Ektoras07.21, 18:13, by Lord Ektoras
A large amount of gold07.21, 03:511Popper07.21, 03:51, by Popper
multi07.20, 23:551Teramisu07.20, 23:55, by Teramisu

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