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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
many multis03.15, 05:083thisthatman04.30, 08:27, by thisthatman
Foul nickname04.30, 06:231Lord togort04.30, 06:23, by Lord togort
Illegal transfers possibly by multis04.28, 14:321Lord SV2204.28, 14:32, by Lord SV22
cheats07.30, 10:1510danielj12104.28, 12:49, by lipos2
Illegal Transfer04.28, 07:531Afieirfan04.28, 07:53, by Afieirfan
2pac unsigned multi and illegal transfers04.27, 14:361#7153Queen_Amanda04.27, 14:36, by #7153Queen_Amanda
Nuracks and his 11 multie`s04.27, 12:201Dutch_Demon04.27, 12:20, by Dutch_Demon
Illegal gold transfer...01.11, 06:499Lord -2pac-04.27, 12:16, by Lord -2pac-
Huge Financial Assistances04.25, 14:261Lord Baweja04.25, 14:26, by Lord Baweja
Illegal transfer through selling items (second time)04.25, 09:321Lord SV2204.25, 09:32, by Lord SV22
financially assisting04.02, 13:0016#1512Lord BoJIoD9I04.24, 15:50, by Lord Schwarzenegger
Insult in personal information04.24, 09:262Lord Saddam04.24, 09:50, by Lord Saddam
MISC. unattended transfer04.23, 13:573Tracker-Hunter04.23, 16:01, by narutoayan
Spotted Links04.22, 19:581Elennroth04.22, 19:58, by Elennroth
financial assist04.11, 20:439Lord _force_04.22, 12:51, by technoscarlet
transfering gold from one account to the other without askin04.19, 13:576bob_thebuilder04.21, 05:06, by bob_thebuilder
Financial insults: donor.04.20, 18:512Lord Chapayev04.21, 04:58, by Vlaer
Illegal tranfers04.17, 13:423Lord Priwinn04.19, 20:52, by lilkeg123
Asking for password!04.19, 07:313SlackRamen04.19, 08:18, by Vlaer
Illegal transfer of gold and artifacts04.19, 06:451I_Luv_2_hate04.19, 06:45, by I_Luv_2_hate
financial assist04.19, 04:081#7153Clemency04.19, 04:08, by #7153Clemency
erroneous item04.18, 00:176#1512Lord BoJIoD9I04.18, 17:14, by GKH
BOW04.18, 14:292Speaking-cat04.18, 14:45, by #7153Queen_Amanda
Still not blocked?04.03, 10:207Furious_9604.18, 04:19, by I_Luv_2_hate
BOW04.17, 15:282fahpro04.17, 16:49, by #7153Queen_Amanda
Illegal Transfers BlackStones [lvl10]04.17, 00:093_Klaw_04.17, 13:22, by #7705Lord BrownBear
This person's transfer log seems suspicious04.17, 04:141DragonBlaze04.17, 04:14, by DragonBlaze
Money laundering through the market04.16, 12:181Scruffy04.16, 12:18, by Scruffy
illegal tranfers!04.14, 18:433barbarianfury04.14, 18:46, by barbarianfury
My last account (Accuquire to unblock)04.13, 15:235FogWizard04.14, 16:19, by #7153Queen_Amanda

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