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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
financial assist Borgia and LORD_Destruktor04.12, 19:0418Lady Aluca04.14, 13:32, by Lady Aluca
Block the Character And want my gold back from him !!!!!!!!04.12, 20:148#9595LordRachit04.14, 07:49, by #4201cakur
financial assist milty acounts04.14, 00:531Lord_DarkFire04.14, 00:53, by Lord_DarkFire
financial assist04.13, 18:541Lord _force_04.13, 18:54, by Lord _force_
ilegal transfer multi acounts04.13, 00:591Lord_DarkFire04.13, 00:59, by Lord_DarkFire
financial assist04.13, 00:531Lord_DarkFire04.13, 00:53, by Lord_DarkFire
Block the Character And return my gold from him !!!!!!!!04.12, 18:593#9595LordRachit04.12, 19:55, by #7153Queen_Amanda
unlock04.11, 06:262Bed_Ukrainian04.11, 07:55, by Yuri_Gagarin
loan04.10, 17:192Lord k1ko04.10, 17:26, by Lord k1ko
Illegal transfers!04.10, 13:512Breaker06104.10, 13:54, by Breaker061
Afk04.09, 17:243fighter2304.09, 20:40, by Lord Chapayev
10 troops battle + staged combat04.08, 23:272Lady firegaara04.09, 10:54, by Lady firegaara
Large Illegal transfers04.08, 18:281Lord SV2204.08, 18:28, by Lord SV22
Multiple account management violation?04.08, 12:111#7705Lord BrownBear04.08, 12:11, by #7705Lord BrownBear
block04.08, 11:411-Darth_Vader-04.08, 11:41, by -Darth_Vader-
not repaying loan04.08, 10:051mysticrahul04.08, 10:05, by mysticrahul
This person never payback his loan. & Illegal Transfers04.08, 08:311Knightee04.08, 08:31, by Knightee
Illegal transfer04.08, 06:231SlackRamen04.08, 06:23, by SlackRamen
PLEASE BLOCK HIM!!!04.07, 12:366Crystal1204.07, 14:30, by Crystal12
Illegal transfer again...04.07, 06:361Knightee04.07, 06:36, by Knightee
bad picture03.31, 13:193Fector04.04, 18:28, by Lady SexyBaby
Loan not returned.04.03, 18:571Lord Skrym04.03, 18:57, by Lord Skrym
Multi transfers! Need law!04.02, 18:591Lord ostipko04.02, 18:59, by Lord ostipko
illegal Transfers04.02, 15:033godofwar12304.02, 15:04, by godofwar123
begging04.02, 02:232Cambri04.02, 11:01, by Yuri_Gagarin
My old acount is hacked!04.01, 16:281Lord ostipko04.01, 16:28, by Lord ostipko
Leveling up in smith with big help from multi + gold transf04.01, 08:181Bantex04.01, 08:18, by Bantex
DeminioGaules financial assist03.31, 08:048Lord Macsek9103.31, 17:06, by Dragjons90
theRevenger03.31, 13:572wlad_uae03.31, 16:02, by #7153Queen_Amanda
spamming loan and horrible big quantity of illegal transfer03.30, 23:325cyy511303.31, 12:32, by fahpro

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