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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
Vulgar name of char02.15, 19:005Lord Baweja02.16, 05:16, by Lord Baweja
lots of illegal account and lots of illegal transfer02.16, 01:301kingofbarb02.16, 01:30, by kingofbarb
Money transfer via market02.14, 19:263ChuckNoris02.15, 11:33, by ChuckNoris
Rule Violation02.15, 10:501Lord bholenath02.15, 10:50, by Lord bholenath
Role Violation02.15, 10:481Lord bholenath02.15, 10:48, by Lord bholenath
Many items/ressources transfers between unsigned multis02.06, 12:272ChuckNoris02.14, 11:50, by ChuckNoris
BOW02.14, 09:151Speaking-cat02.14, 09:15, by Speaking-cat
BOW02.13, 16:232Speaking-cat02.13, 22:28, by #7153Queen_Amanda
Threats02.12, 16:434LWMking102.12, 17:01, by Lord Baweja
transmission02.12, 16:361TRYMB02.12, 16:36, by TRYMB
rule violation02.12, 13:282urvinislt02.12, 14:19, by guyb
not returning loan02.09, 11:284Lord pgcoolguy9702.12, 12:09, by Lord pgcoolguy97
illegal transfers of gold and arts02.11, 19:321I_Luv_2_hate02.11, 19:32, by I_Luv_2_hate
Suspicious transfers02.11, 10:081Lord _force_02.11, 10:08, by Lord _force_
Arts transfer02.11, 07:064I_Luv_2_hate02.11, 09:23, by I_Luv_2_hate
illegal transfers with multis02.10, 14:443knightman3902.11, 08:18, by knightman39
Ileagal transfers SarazinFaestred02.09, 19:092boozler02.09, 20:04, by boozler
Not returning loan in time02.04, 16:312Lord SON8402.09, 14:03, by Lord SON84
illiegal financial activity02.09, 02:488#7153Flour02.09, 11:59, by Lord Saddam
a fake avatar maker02.05, 12:3610Lord arian_lazer02.08, 12:55, by Homly
Cant return loan02.06, 15:155niko416602.06, 19:50, by Lord Rufus07
Illegal transfers (+ AFK from some battles; he was warned)02.06, 13:361Lord ostipko02.06, 13:36, by Lord ostipko
Infringement of rules of the maintenance of additional chara02.06, 13:171sapnov02.06, 13:17, by sapnov
illegal transfers/ undeclared multis01.22, 13:492guyb02.06, 07:44, by guyb
i made one illegal transfers dont block me02.06, 04:30312ex02.06, 04:46, by viren7575
Illegal Transfer02.05, 12:151cyy511302.05, 12:15, by cyy5113
Rule violation02.05, 07:181I_Luv_2_hate02.05, 07:18, by I_Luv_2_hate
illegal loans02.04, 15:052MVMGREAT02.04, 20:03, by MVMGREAT
V1rtual and his many multi.02.04, 11:092xCJKx02.04, 11:13, by xCJKx
Not returning loan long time! + mult transfers maybe!02.04, 09:252Lord ostipko02.04, 09:27, by Lord ostipko

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