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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
Loaning Multi01.31, 12:184DragonBlaze02.01, 14:31, by #7490pssst
loan not return in time02.01, 10:321Lord elwin123402.01, 10:32, by Lord elwin1234
loan not returned and being blacklisted01.24, 13:425#1209Dark_Snow01.31, 18:06, by #7153Queen_Amanda
Illegal transfers with multi01.31, 15:151#7705D-Rock01.31, 15:15, by #7705D-Rock
Illegal Transfers01.25, 05:242#7382DeasprateDesire01.31, 15:14, by lord_armold
Shkolota trololo - ololo avatar01.31, 12:041Lord _force_01.31, 12:04, by Lord _force_
illegal transfer01.31, 06:131MVMGREAT01.31, 06:13, by MVMGREAT
Sparatn - Multiple characters rule violations01.30, 07:181#4201Lord Dizbe01.30, 07:18, by #4201Lord Dizbe
Loan not reutrn- raluca01.29, 18:422#1209Dark_Snow01.29, 18:44, by #1209Dark_Snow
Illegal money use - Leothegreat01.29, 11:201Lord Baweja01.29, 11:20, by Lord Baweja
illegal transfer01.29, 04:101lafrora12301.29, 04:10, by lafrora123
Unrepaid loans01.28, 19:232Lord Schwarzenegger01.28, 19:26, by Lord Schwarzenegger
Illigal market sales01.28, 03:412#7153Flour01.28, 11:10, by Melzar_XIIIX
facebook01.27, 15:564Dbest01.28, 01:07, by zero-one
Multiple Accounts01.27, 16:032lord_armold01.27, 16:03, by lord_armold
My friends Char was Hacked01.20, 15:1511Lord Skrym01.26, 13:03, by Skoooby
Illigal transfers. Multichars.01.26, 09:431#414Synthetic_soul01.26, 09:43, by #414Synthetic_soul
unreturned loan01.26, 01:361ardorina01.26, 01:36, by ardorina
Unsigned Multi with some transfers01.25, 16:301Bantex01.25, 16:30, by Bantex
Loans not repaid01.20, 09:594BloodAngel2101.25, 11:38, by TNT_UAE11
staged combats01.23, 13:335Lord Macsek9101.25, 09:50, by Bantex
fack battle and sttagged battles01.25, 03:374fahmi12345601.25, 08:46, by Pang
stage combat between multiaccounts01.25, 07:5414themassive01.25, 07:54, by 4themassive
transfers with ring of multiccounts01.25, 07:3314themassive01.25, 07:33, by 4themassive
Having 30 characters for finace assit and adming it01.25, 06:281Arghmage01.25, 06:28, by Arghmage
Help01.24, 14:352LioN_-_199301.24, 18:12, by #7153Queen_Amanda
Buy/sell thief arts01.24, 16:3014rockstar401.24, 16:30, by 4rockstar4
multiaccounts01.24, 12:2214themassive01.24, 12:22, by 4themassive
hacked01.24, 11:421DeGarcia01.24, 11:42, by DeGarcia
Please block me. my pass _nokia630301.23, 17:523Lord JonyCage01.24, 11:31, by Lord getodac

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