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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
fack battle and sttagged battles01.25, 03:374fahmi12345601.25, 08:46, by Pang
stage combat between multiaccounts01.25, 07:5414themassive01.25, 07:54, by 4themassive
transfers with ring of multiccounts01.25, 07:3314themassive01.25, 07:33, by 4themassive
Having 30 characters for finace assit and adming it01.25, 06:281Arghmage01.25, 06:28, by Arghmage
Help01.24, 14:352LioN_-_199301.24, 18:12, by #7153Queen_Amanda
Buy/sell thief arts01.24, 16:3014rockstar401.24, 16:30, by 4rockstar4
multiaccounts01.24, 12:2214themassive01.24, 12:22, by 4themassive
hacked01.24, 11:421DeGarcia01.24, 11:42, by DeGarcia
Please block me. my pass _nokia630301.23, 17:523Lord JonyCage01.24, 11:31, by Lord getodac
Illegal transfers01.24, 11:002Lord Engenard01.24, 11:00, by Lord Engenard
Nitin everywhere01.23, 12:512Bantex01.23, 19:02, by Lord JonyCage
financial assist between werty432 and PekpyT01.09, 22:4511Moana01.23, 18:22, by Lord JonyCage
illegal transfers/undeclared multi01.22, 00:221guyb01.22, 00:22, by guyb
Illegal transfers (maybe from multi)01.20, 21:121Lord ostipko01.20, 21:12, by Lord ostipko
multiple characters and illegal transfers01.20, 20:091Lord _force_01.20, 20:09, by Lord _force_
hacked01.16, 07:554barbarian_1801.20, 13:56, by LioN_-_1993
transfer to multi01.05, 06:414Lord Igor_3D01.20, 11:31, by Lord Igor_3D
Account stolen01.18, 14:4211Devils_girl01.19, 17:42, by #7153limustudotcom
Illegal Transfers01.18, 21:262Lord Lexo01.18, 21:26, by Lord Lexo
chienthan 85 illegal transfers and multichar violation01.18, 18:091Lord chillout01.18, 18:09, by Lord chillout
unblock my friend's brother account (2)01.16, 15:033Abhijeet31501.18, 17:06, by #7153Queen_Amanda
information about a character01.18, 10:211matrix201101.18, 10:21, by matrix2011
multis,illegal transfers and staged fights01.18, 09:151LizzzardQueen01.18, 09:15, by LizzzardQueen
HeavySword and BlackStones illegal transfers01.17, 23:531Lord Chance1201.17, 23:53, by Lord Chance12
received a lot of gold from multichar01.17, 20:581Lord _venom_01.17, 20:58, by Lord _venom_
Big financial asist to main char12.07, 10:567Bantex01.17, 14:13, by Bantex
Illegal Transfers01.17, 08:541Balth01.17, 08:54, by Balth
illegal transfers from multi01.16, 22:191guyb01.16, 22:19, by guyb
Loan not return01.16, 21:351Lord _venom_01.16, 21:35, by Lord _venom_
samza08,02,03,04,05,06,0701.16, 19:321arthur41301.16, 19:32, by arthur413

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