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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
Illegal transfer with multi12.02, 12:031Lord SV2212.02, 12:03, by Lord SV22
seems to be multiple chars violation12.01, 09:262Yuri_Gagarin12.01, 17:16, by Lord Schwarzenegger
Punish this idiot11.28, 14:466coolahed12.01, 13:04, by coolahed
open laon11.19, 05:584THE--BLITZ12.01, 04:21, by THE--BLITZ
dawid258 - Illegal transfer log11.30, 16:551Kamir11.30, 16:55, by Kamir
Another scam11.30, 08:232Lord _force_11.30, 10:02, by Yuri_Gagarin
illegal transfer11.29, 10:312lafrora12311.29, 10:33, by lafrora123
Illegal Transfers11.14, 06:052I_Luv_2_hate11.29, 06:53, by Lady ladypower
pls admin ban this players11.27, 17:128elvencing11.28, 04:30, by Pang
santisxxx illegal transfer11.27, 12:452Lady xXkrillinXx11.27, 12:56, by Lord Atheros
Illegal transfers11.26, 07:546santisxxx11.27, 12:19, by -Lord- Lord Death
Illegal transfer07.19, 15:253Moana11.27, 07:48, by Moana
Transfer log of Overkiller11.26, 22:122Fluger11.26, 22:30, by Lord Grunge
Illegal transfers11.26, 17:241Lord Atheros11.26, 17:24, by Lord Atheros
Inappropriate names (Russian)11.26, 17:022Lord _force_11.26, 17:02, by Lord _force_
ofensive laungage11.25, 11:303legeles_6911.26, 15:52, by Lord Schwarzenegger
Financial assit11.26, 06:452-Lord- Lord Death11.26, 07:35, by santisxxx
Financial assit among 4 characters11.25, 11:421ElfPride11.25, 11:42, by ElfPride
illegal transfer11.24, 20:291burber11.24, 20:29, by burber
Obvious violation of ule 3.1511.23, 19:248Lord Schwarzenegger11.24, 15:36, by Pang
failure to invite11.19, 03:512Mishakal11.24, 11:40, by Mishakal
illegal transfer11.24, 05:051cied11.24, 05:05, by cied
al_3azmy - fin assist / unsigned add chars / begging11.23, 18:101#7153Lord DEATHisNEAR11.23, 18:10, by #7153Lord DEATHisNEAR
Selling at factories11.23, 06:191#4201alexbb11.23, 06:19, by #4201alexbb
an unfair judgement11.22, 15:542DevilishKnight11.22, 17:39, by #7153Queen_Amanda
extrachar rules violation - I_C4Nt_L4Y_EgGs11.21, 16:261Lord Schwarzenegger11.21, 16:26, by Lord Schwarzenegger
Financial assist11.20, 18:361Lord Borgia11.20, 18:36, by Lord Borgia
illegal transfer11.20, 08:262multipal11.20, 09:43, by __n3cro__
illegal trasfers, Chicarito11.20, 01:322Lord Chance1211.20, 06:02, by Lord Schwarzenegger
did not return the debt11.11, 09:407ilya28109611.19, 16:23, by ilya281096

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