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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
Suspicious financial assistance with a network of multichar07.09, 10:542ElfPride10.18, 08:02, by ElfPride
Possible unsigned multi char07.09, 11:275ElfPride10.18, 07:53, by ElfPride
Illegal transactions between 2 accounts07.10, 08:392ElfPride10.18, 07:43, by ElfPride
Loan10.17, 15:354cooldudexxx10.18, 01:57, by cooldudexxx
assists in trading to the main10.16, 17:2611Bandito10.17, 12:32, by Bantex
Block me10.16, 17:071Lord MightyDuck10.16, 17:07, by Lord MightyDuck
block!!10.16, 13:011OJIMER10.16, 13:01, by OJIMER
illegal transfer10.16, 09:111Fector10.16, 09:11, by Fector
Illegal transfers10.16, 09:111stranger9610.16, 09:11, by stranger96
Illegal Transfers10.16, 07:241I_Luv_2_hate10.16, 07:24, by I_Luv_2_hate
Illegal transfer and Multi...10.15, 15:491Lord SV2210.15, 15:49, by Lord SV22
Block me10.15, 09:192Lord MightyDuck10.15, 10:07, by Yuri_Gagarin
LOL10.09, 19:293DragonKiller1010.14, 16:28, by irakiano
Finance10.14, 13:231Blek-style10.14, 13:23, by Blek-style
Transferring Arts & Items between Accounts.10.14, 07:331KazumaYagami10.14, 07:33, by KazumaYagami
illegal transfer10.13, 17:581wzrd10.13, 17:58, by wzrd
unreturned loan - Cruso ( 46k ) - over 1 month10.13, 11:3712Albido10.13, 12:44, by Cruso
General rules 1.11 violation10.12, 16:504Lord selfist10.13, 08:52, by moses_eve2
bad words10.13, 08:222elvo810.13, 08:24, by the_TJ
illegal transfer10.12, 07:391elfonly10.12, 07:39, by elfonly
illegal transfers10.11, 20:421Lord _force_10.11, 20:42, by Lord _force_
illegal transfers10.11, 12:041moses_eve210.11, 12:04, by moses_eve2
Illegal transfer after notices10.10, 21:242Sanaz2210.11, 11:03, by Beryl_The_Great
money n arts tranfer between multis10.11, 10:261I_m_lwm10.11, 10:26, by I_m_lwm
upgrades at lvl 4 without taking any diamond10.10, 16:123I_Luv_2_hate10.11, 09:45, by Yuri_Gagarin
illegal transfers10.10, 21:581KiisuKat10.10, 21:58, by KiisuKat
illegal transfer10.10, 15:351wzrd10.10, 15:35, by wzrd
_Black1996_ financial assisted by many chars10.10, 07:571#7705Lord naviron10.10, 07:57, by #7705Lord naviron
lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!10.10, 07:121FastracK10.10, 07:12, by FastracK
illegal transfers from illegal multis10.06, 14:2124themassive10.10, 05:16, by 4themassive

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