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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
illegal Transfers and Multiple Characters12.24, 06:162microxalternate12.24, 06:16, by microxalternate
cleaning ip12.22, 18:213Grixa12.23, 19:52, by Grixa
new character having lots of Illegal transfers12.23, 19:341Lord SV2212.23, 19:34, by Lord SV22
help12.23, 18:023SituationMad12.23, 18:06, by SituationMad
Block Me BOW ! Fast12.23, 16:271__n3cro__12.23, 16:27, by __n3cro__
loan not returned in time12.23, 02:359D-Rock12.23, 13:53, by Sohini
Some characters, illegal transfer and joint battle12.23, 10:031Lord LLIAMAHH12.23, 10:03, by Lord LLIAMAHH
http://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=50436412.23, 07:074KartikMishra12.23, 07:15, by Lady Mohini
vulgar avatar12.23, 04:333Lady xXkrillinXx12.23, 05:55, by viren7575
did not pay for repairs12.18, 07:044#2902okdeil12.22, 16:12, by #2902okdeil
Illegal transfers from Multiple Characters12.22, 06:482microx12.22, 06:52, by microx
Multiple Characters, illegal transfers & cheating in bat12.22, 06:371microx12.22, 06:37, by microx
Multiple Characters and illegal transfers12.22, 06:251microx12.22, 06:25, by microx
illegal transfers with multi12.22, 05:361Lady xXkrillinXx12.22, 05:36, by Lady xXkrillinXx
illegal trasnsfers and multi Assern and asserth12.22, 05:001whoru12.22, 05:00, by whoru
5ex unpaid loan12.19, 05:143Forsak3none12.22, 01:37, by whoru
Illeagal transfers12.22, 00:591boozler12.22, 00:59, by boozler
cleaning ip12.21, 16:301Grixa12.21, 16:30, by Grixa
repeat offender after 1,200,000 in fines!12.21, 12:071Beryl_The_Great12.21, 12:07, by Beryl_The_Great
fraud12.21, 08:561candy-boy12.21, 08:56, by candy-boy
dirty transfer log illegal12.21, 08:241Lady xXkrillinXx12.21, 08:24, by Lady xXkrillinXx
illeagel transfer12.20, 17:031candy-boy12.20, 17:03, by candy-boy
this guy got 204,000 gold.12.16, 23:415Lord The_Little_One12.20, 12:09, by #7705Lord BrownBear
Suspicious transfer12.20, 12:041#7705Lord BrownBear12.20, 12:04, by #7705Lord BrownBear
illigal transfers12.19, 22:103Lord _force_12.19, 22:39, by FoRKsH
multi with illigal transfers12.19, 20:101Stokton12.19, 20:10, by Stokton
Lock me please...12.19, 16:042EdwardFrost12.19, 16:05, by Lord -Mitchell-
block12.19, 11:522VARVAR__RAP12.19, 12:06, by Yuri_Gagarin
a player with more than 1 account in a battle12.18, 15:306shadow-rider12.19, 10:49, by shadow-rider
Illegal Transfer + Password Exchange12.10, 10:426Lord Baweja12.19, 09:03, by Lord Baweja

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