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Ordinary artifacts


Topic Date
Author Last message
SoM E5A5, 80000gold, in market02.15, 07:302OndaNera02.17, 07:30, by OndaNera
Amulet of luck sell02.15, 22:375Lord koless02.17, 07:15, by Lord koless
{SELL} Enchanted Mithril I10E10W10F10 70/70 30 HOURS LEFT!02.15, 19:579#1597Modi02.17, 04:07, by #1597Modi
[sell] sword of retribution 40/40 for 8000 gold02.16, 14:281Lord SEREGA-77702.16, 14:28, by Lord SEREGA-777
Buy phophet ring02.16, 08:081Marquise02.16, 08:08, by Marquise
{Sell} Enchanted Mithril I10E10W10F10 70/7011.28, 05:32191#1597Modi02.15, 19:48, by #1597Modi
sale mitril staff can be deal 56/7002.12, 18:151SaNaNe02.12, 18:15, by SaNaNe
Buying Elements02.12, 12:421Lord RonSethIronfist02.12, 12:42, by Lord RonSethIronfist
[WTB] SOM 2x5% or 2x6%02.10, 16:194High-wizard02.11, 08:53, by High-wizard
Sword of might [E10A8W8F8] 80/8002.10, 11:092Lord Saddam02.10, 18:59, by Lord Saddam
{Sell} Cheap Sword of might [E6W6] (2x6%)02.10, 09:333Bender8402.10, 11:37, by Bender84
RENT all arts02.09, 06:453Cipa02.10, 05:42, by cows98
(Sell) Sword of might [E4A5] 80/8002.09, 12:231Djan02.09, 12:23, by Djan
Sword of Might [80/80]02.04, 22:3316ShadowDragon702.09, 03:17, by ShadowDragon7
Steel Helmet [64/70]02.09, 02:402-Wulf-02.09, 02:59, by -Wulf-
{Sell} Thief cloak02.08, 11:161Bender8402.08, 11:16, by Bender84
Sword of might [E6W6]02.07, 11:481Bender8402.07, 11:48, by Bender84
CHEAP arts: Cape of magical power Wizard attire Prophet ring02.04, 16:211Papentoz02.04, 16:21, by Papentoz
Selling Prophet ring 40/40 & Steel cuirass 70/7002.04, 08:281Lord Allod02.04, 08:28, by Lord Allod
Selling Ordinary Artifacts01.25, 11:298Lord xxxDiMoNxxx02.02, 11:19, by Lord xxxDiMoNxxx
[Buying]All 0 durabilty arts02.02, 04:421evilskyterrorr02.02, 04:42, by evilskyterrorr
Amulet of luck sell01.28, 18:274Lord koless01.31, 19:43, by Lord koless
Some used arts for sale01.29, 14:421Nutella01.29, 14:42, by Nutella
sell 4x10% mithril longsword (70/70) for almost nothing...01.26, 14:333Zarebrant01.29, 09:12, by Zarebrant
Can i rent01.29, 00:551Lord Fred0301.29, 00:55, by Lord Fred03
Selling Heavy mithril boots for 500 gps cheaper than in Shop01.25, 20:558#7382Korzika01.28, 15:35, by Lord Makkadihm
[E10] Longbow 50/5001.15, 15:1923#7181Lord lcorndogl01.27, 18:59, by #7181Lord lcorndogl
Selling 2 prophet rings01.23, 15:255Lord jrf01.27, 18:03, by Lord jrf
sell my arts01.27, 16:412Lord syltan01.27, 16:43, by Lord syltan
selling zero durability arts01.26, 14:504DragonsFire1301.26, 18:15, by DragonsFire13

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