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Ordinary artifacts


Topic Date
Author Last message
[SELL] Mithril longsword [I9E9A9W10]04.16, 02:121nnt00004.16, 02:12, by nnt000
ellongbows 50-5004.14, 12:362Lord Erketengo04.14, 14:48, by Lord Jiang_Wei
Buying 0/x Durability04.14, 08:382frozen_fire04.14, 12:24, by frozen_fire
wtb sword of might04.14, 10:304Warnra04.14, 11:54, by Lord X-hunter
[sell] Flowers04.10, 12:018gina-wild04.13, 16:50, by gina-wild
[sell] Amulet of Luck 292004.12, 23:523gina-wild04.13, 16:49, by gina-wild
Sell Sword of might [E7A7W7F7]04.11, 16:268nazar_ko04.12, 16:37, by nazar_ko
[sell] Locket of crystallized tears [A8W8F8] 48/5004.12, 06:382Wizzard04.12, 13:33, by Wizzard
longbow [E5A5W3]04.12, 13:011MassMacros04.12, 13:01, by MassMacros
[sell] Prophet ring [F1]04.02, 14:1811warrior4904.11, 19:22, by Grasshopper
[WTS] Mithril longsword [E10A10W10F10]04.10, 04:524#7181keepp04.11, 03:33, by Lord Bull-dog
[sell] Light mithril boots [F8]04.10, 05:211Lord www198004.10, 05:21, by Lord www1980
[sell] Light mithril coif [E1]04.08, 16:372Lord KelThusad04.08, 17:36, by Lord KelThusad
selling Longbow04.07, 19:002spartan30004.08, 02:41, by spartan300
selling Longbow [E5W5] 36/4004.03, 15:368Precao04.06, 22:16, by Precao
Light mithril cuirass in market04.06, 21:051Lord KelThusad04.06, 21:05, by Lord KelThusad
Light mithril coif in market04.06, 21:031Lord KelThusad04.06, 21:03, by Lord KelThusad
25/25 hat of knowledge : 5500 gold @ market04.04, 21:221Lord selfist04.04, 21:22, by Lord selfist
THE RENTING ARTIFACT04.04, 01:072baku_dragonoid04.04, 01:16, by #7153DragonFlayer
[Selling/Exchange] Mithril longsword [I10A10W10F10] 70/7003.31, 15:293Lady Aluca04.02, 09:55, by Lord Someon3
Selling Sword Of Might E5A5W5F5 10/79 PM with prices03.30, 17:425MyDoom04.01, 22:00, by MyDoom
Combat staff04.01, 14:531Lord InTrAck04.01, 14:53, by Lord InTrAck
[SELL] Enchanted Sword of Might and Mithril Longsword03.25, 20:557-Arcus-03.30, 22:53, by -Arcus-
enchanted arts03.28, 11:5915Warnra03.30, 18:01, by Sven91
Selling Sword Of Might E5A5W5F5 PM with prices03.30, 17:401MyDoom03.30, 17:40, by MyDoom
Selling used arts, small price03.29, 13:311_DarkLord_03.29, 13:31, by _DarkLord_
[SELL] enchanted Sword of Might03.22, 17:385CaligulaX03.29, 10:54, by CaligulaX
SELL Mithril longsword [I6]03.19, 14:579Lord denkleinegast03.24, 17:48, by Lord denkleinegast
Sell Mithril longsword [E3A6W3F3]03.21, 14:543#1209jahadad03.22, 13:52, by #1209jahadad
sell craft arts03.22, 11:121LYBNU03.22, 11:12, by LYBNU

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