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Ordinary artifacts


Topic Date
Author Last message
[SELL]Defender shields************03.06, 11:272evilskyterrorr03.07, 09:01, by evilskyterrorr
Thief cloak 60/60 for sale03.04, 11:423TheEvilTemplar03.06, 05:47, by TheEvilTemplar
WTB SOM 3x8% / 3x9 % 80/8003.04, 14:117Elf-killer03.06, 04:49, by Elf-killer
Sword of Might [E3]03.04, 00:2412-Wulf-03.06, 01:49, by -Wulf-
Selling Ruby Gladius.03.04, 15:223#7279Hidden_Grin03.05, 19:54, by #7279Hidden_Grin
Selling Sword Of Might E5A5W5F5 PM with prices03.01, 15:225MyDoom03.03, 10:08, by rsw
Vonemarket - Longbow [E7A7W7]02.27, 10:295#7227Lord Vonemar03.02, 17:21, by #7227Lord Vonemar
Wana sell Sword of might [E10A8W8F8] 80/8003.01, 14:023Lord Saddam03.02, 12:37, by Lord Saddam
Sell Equilibrium blade [E5A2] dur. 60/6003.01, 14:102Bender8403.01, 19:48, by Bender84
Selling Composite bow [E5] 0/55 durability03.01, 16:561Bender8403.01, 16:56, by Bender84
sell 2x prophet ring at below market price02.28, 15:092#1209Lord MilesTeg03.01, 11:41, by #1209Lord MilesTeg
ENCHANTED MITHRIL LONGSWORD - discout 40k!02.26, 11:422Lord Rorrim02.28, 21:01, by cows98
[BUY] used enchanted artefacts02.24, 08:522Lady Aluca02.25, 08:47, by Lady Aluca
[SELL/EXCHANGE] Level 9 and Level 10 Shop Arts - Discounts!02.23, 03:067#7153Lord arcanyx02.24, 12:00, by #7153Lord arcanyx
Cape of spirits [A2] 30/3002.23, 20:401#7705Lord naviron02.23, 20:40, by #7705Lord naviron
Buying Ring of abdication02.23, 11:553faidaen02.23, 13:09, by faidaen
arts02.22, 11:581lubu6702.22, 11:58, by lubu67
[WTB] mitril longsword02.19, 10:254High-wizard02.22, 04:26, by High-wizard
[Exchange] Longbow [I10E9A9W9] [49/50] on it's elements.02.20, 21:242Lord www198002.22, 03:58, by Lord www1980
[sale]Longbow [W4F4] 50/50 good prise02.21, 14:451SaNaNe02.21, 14:45, by SaNaNe
[SELL] Amulet of luck02.21, 07:462happy_demon02.21, 07:49, by happy_demon
Tower shield [E4F4] over 10 000 less then oryginal PRICE02.14, 13:366Lord Ahnazar02.20, 14:05, by Lord Ahnazar
buying cheap low durability art02.19, 21:186rubber6702.20, 12:51, by Lord X-hunter
[SELL] Sword of might up to 1000 gold cheaper than market02.19, 08:161#7181Lord Jabbar02.19, 08:16, by #7181Lord Jabbar
[Selling/Change] Mithril longsword [I10W10F10] 70/7002.16, 09:444Lady Aluca02.18, 11:35, by Lady Aluca
Sword of might 3x10%02.04, 00:1621EROCS02.18, 05:14, by EROCS
buying shop arts lv 9-10 almost or 0 dura02.17, 20:461tristan2902.17, 20:46, by tristan29
Sell enchanted longbow cheap02.17, 17:141elenthil02.17, 17:14, by elenthil
Selling Light mithril boots [A7]02.17, 16:171Lord Tsedar02.17, 16:17, by Lord Tsedar
Selling Defender Shield at cheapest price!02.16, 08:516Lord moro8802.17, 10:05, by Lord moro88

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