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Smiths and Enchanters services


Topic Date
Author Last message
[Weapon] mod 2x4% Discounts02.09, 08:3626Lord Azazel02.28, 07:57, by Lord Azazel
1x6% Armor enchant for 1500/element payback02.24, 09:514Lord Almer02.26, 13:47, by #7153Lord RicHunter
[#320 Artificers' alliance] Weapon 4*10%02.22, 10:5710Lord Vitosik02.26, 09:34, by Lord Vitosik
[#320 Artificers' alliance] Armor 4 x 14 %02.22, 10:5910Lord Vitosik02.26, 09:33, by Lord Vitosik
Looking For A Clan Smith02.26, 04:542#4201Lord Dizbe02.26, 06:45, by #4201Lord Dizbe
I repair 10% for 10% cost02.24, 04:082MaChaoShu02.26, 01:11, by MaChaoShu
[Repair] 30% for 20% repairing cost!02.22, 12:0711Lord Derryk02.25, 17:45, by Lord Derryk
jewelcrafter 12%02.24, 08:382#7490Vitzyas02.24, 19:53, by Lord Vitosik
free repair 10% efficiency02.24, 10:084kira02.24, 15:07, by kira
I repair 30% durability for 30% of repair cost02.17, 01:1810#7153Lord fromklin02.24, 11:14, by #7153Lord fromklin
need services02.21, 14:234chadi02.23, 12:52, by chadi
[Repair] 40% efficiency for 50% cost02.23, 01:341Dionysus02.23, 01:34, by Dionysus
Armor mod 4 x 14 %, Best in the game, Free.02.14, 11:4619Lord Vitosik02.22, 10:10, by Sven91
[Enchanting] ---- Sry Does alll types of Enchanting ---02.22, 06:181Lady sry02.22, 06:18, by Lady sry
Last 9% weapon echant with bonus02.19, 17:543Lord Vitosik02.21, 09:07, by Lord Vitosik
new enchanting02.20, 10:051extremea02.20, 10:05, by extremea
Cheapest low-scale Smithing and Enchanting!02.11, 06:4713#7365ipslne02.20, 09:41, by Zyanya
Repair Cost Just 10 %/ Duraility 20 % -Opening Day Special02.20, 03:361Lord Plato02.20, 03:36, by Lord Plato
4% weapon enchant - I pay you 2000 for each percent!02.19, 09:252Owen02.19, 12:43, by Owen
Repairing 40% for 60% of the cost02.17, 03:513Hatred02.18, 02:18, by Hatred
I offer my Smith Service to any Clan02.17, 08:493Kinzuls02.17, 09:08, by #7365Lord Kotrin
Weapon enchanti 2 x 6 %, I will pay you 2000 gold per each %02.07, 07:4910Lord www198002.16, 18:06, by Lord www1980
I offer my Smith Service to any Clan02.16, 08:363Kinzuls02.16, 16:16, by Kinzuls
I repair your Hunter, MH and GH arts.02.04, 16:4013#7153Lord fromklin02.16, 12:43, by #7153Lord fromklin
Armour mod 2x8%, and 1500 gold back per element you send02.15, 18:282StorminMerlin02.16, 10:18, by StorminMerlin
Repair 30% efficiency for 30% cost02.16, 01:171Dionysus02.16, 01:17, by Dionysus
[Weapon modifications] 3x10%02.13, 08:4910Commander02.15, 14:39, by #7382Kind_Knight
I do repeir 70% for 90% of repeir cost02.09, 08:046Lord hunter02.15, 10:17, by Lord hunter
I do 80% repairing for everyone :)01.04, 19:5844#7279Lord binghuo02.15, 07:27, by #7279Lord binghuo
[Modification] weapon 2x6%02.14, 02:433Lord ru_medved02.15, 02:41, by Lord ru_medved

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