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Complaints and applications - Violations in tavern and battles


Topic Date
Author Last message
Intentional loss06.25, 13:593Lord Makkadihm06.25, 16:08, by Lord Makkadihm
The insult in fight06.25, 15:521#7181Lord etherl0rd06.25, 15:52, by #7181Lord etherl0rd
Intentional loss06.25, 10:571Lady Straws06.25, 10:57, by Lady Straws
Insults in battle06.25, 10:142Lady strike30006.25, 10:32, by Lady strike300
A bot?06.25, 05:523im-rich06.25, 06:09, by Lady Straws
swearing06.25, 04:252#7382DeasprateDesire06.25, 04:26, by #7382DeasprateDesire
Intentional AFK06.24, 14:442Rife_Prime06.24, 20:43, by #7365Lord Kotrin
Swearing :(06.23, 18:502#7365dogknght906.23, 19:08, by Lord MrNiceGuy
The insult in game.06.23, 17:581Antos06.23, 17:58, by Antos
the game itself is using foul language06.22, 19:565Dalamar206.22, 21:34, by #7365Lord Kotrin
Abuse and insults in battle06.22, 17:201Meralissa06.22, 17:20, by Meralissa
insults06.22, 16:111#7181Lord lukeman5678906.22, 16:11, by #7181Lord lukeman56789
flood in battlechat06.22, 15:022Lord Impudent_elf06.22, 15:02, by Lord Impudent_elf
rude language06.22, 07:052Lord LTU9906.22, 07:15, by Lady misself
Rude language in battle06.22, 01:533Ryric06.22, 06:30, by #7365Lord Kotrin
On purpose06.22, 03:081FatherGrim06.22, 03:08, by FatherGrim
Staged Fight06.21, 23:491#414Dan-Panic06.21, 23:49, by #414Dan-Panic
Bad language in a battle.06.21, 15:161HELME06.21, 15:16, by HELME
Giveaway combat and AFK.06.21, 14:211Lord BAYARD06.21, 14:21, by Lord BAYARD
Insult in my multi's battle06.21, 07:431Lady sry06.21, 07:43, by Lady sry
Complaints and applications06.20, 13:533Lord DPOBOCEK06.20, 17:53, by #7365Lord Kotrin
insult in battle then afk on purpose06.20, 08:462def006.20, 08:51, by sarliharrish
insult06.20, 06:502spiritosucker06.20, 08:34, by NatureLord
swearing06.19, 22:511Lord Kuzya8806.19, 22:51, by Lord Kuzya88
received immoral private mail06.19, 19:132falc41006.19, 19:34, by #7365Lord Kotrin
bad language06.19, 14:593nervoid06.19, 15:02, by alalal
clan06.19, 09:431shikhit406.19, 09:43, by shikhit4
Best_Killer - insults06.18, 15:111#7153Queen_Amanda06.18, 15:11, by #7153Queen_Amanda
bad language insult06.18, 06:391psp_gamer06.18, 06:39, by psp_gamer
insult in battle i didnt say anything06.17, 16:353psp_gamer06.17, 21:11, by #7365Lord Kotrin

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