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Complaints and applications - Violations in tavern and battles


Topic Date
Author Last message
Breaking rules08.11, 16:532Kakashhi08.11, 17:27, by #7153Lord cantbstopped
Thief hero delaying on purpose08.11, 16:251ElfPride08.11, 16:25, by ElfPride
afk in hunt08.11, 13:291Dutch_Demon08.11, 13:29, by Dutch_Demon
AFK in group battle08.11, 12:571Lord _Givi_08.11, 12:57, by Lord _Givi_
AFK in card mutch08.10, 14:361Lordik1808.10, 14:36, by Lordik18
Unblock08.10, 14:272kartik408.10, 14:28, by #7153Lord cantbstopped
Afk on ambush08.10, 14:241naapa9208.10, 14:24, by naapa92
Swore then AFK08.09, 21:303Lord Ziz08.10, 08:17, by #9595merlin36
insult in card game08.09, 09:442Lordik1808.09, 09:49, by #7153Lord cantbstopped
afk when get ambush08.09, 08:101Lord Rufus0708.09, 08:10, by Lord Rufus07
Delaying game on purpose, going AFK08.07, 16:121Lord _force_08.07, 16:12, by Lord _force_
liers - notorius begging in battle08.07, 12:001Arghmage08.07, 12:00, by Arghmage
Complain08.07, 08:083krish70708.07, 08:12, by Yuri_Gagarin
Player nancyrox afk-during hunt assistance08.06, 06:301Acron08.06, 06:30, by Acron
intentional afk08.06, 03:273Indian_army08.06, 05:52, by DarwenAward
Bad Sportsmanship in group battle08.05, 14:461Lord cybergiant08.05, 14:46, by Lord cybergiant
afk in g.battle08.05, 14:261Kakashhi08.05, 14:26, by Kakashhi
AFK in duel08.05, 11:191Zhrec_Stihiy08.05, 11:19, by Zhrec_Stihiy
intentional afk08.05, 06:131Lord great_barb08.05, 06:13, by Lord great_barb
OldTheWay-LT[6] & kasiakas-LT[5]08.04, 20:021Lord Tartarian08.04, 20:02, by Lord Tartarian
not respecting the rules08.04, 18:342gordon_joker08.04, 18:36, by #7153Lord cantbstopped
insult in the battle08.04, 10:171Zhrec_Stihiy08.04, 10:17, by Zhrec_Stihiy
Begging for gold, spamming chat08.03, 17:311Lord Kiskoko08.03, 17:31, by Lord Kiskoko
AFK in duel08.03, 17:001Zhrec_Stihiy08.03, 17:00, by Zhrec_Stihiy
AFK in duel08.03, 16:141Zhrec_Stihiy08.03, 16:14, by Zhrec_Stihiy
insult in the battle08.03, 15:543Zhrec_Stihiy08.03, 15:59, by #7153Lord cantbstopped
disturbance at the tavern08.03, 11:361Sharlotta08.03, 11:36, by Sharlotta
rules08.02, 17:003Lord cybergiant08.02, 17:48, by Lord Ziz
Swearing in battle08.02, 16:052#7110Lord Gangstarr08.02, 17:45, by Lord Ziz
insult in battle08.02, 16:362Mario0208.02, 16:36, by Mario02

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