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Unfortunately, the game Administration is not able to constantly patrol the game.

  • Complaints about financial violations should be posted in Complaints and applications - Finance and other forum branch;

  • Complaints about violations in combats, logs, card games etc. should be posted in Complaints and applications - Violations in tavern and battles forum branch;

  • Complaints about violations in private mail should be posted by forwarding the message containing violations to insults;

  • Should you have any questions about financial help to the game, please contact Dealer;

  • Any contact with the Administration is made via Secretary character;

  • If you have observed that something is out of order or doesn’t function properly, you can also write about it in the Technical support forum branch;

  • Please, feel free to leave your ideas and suggestions concerning the changes and further development of the game in the Ideas and suggestions branch.

    Artists and designers, web-programmers and scripters can directly take part in developing the project. Please contact the administration.
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