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  Forum rules

1. General statements.

1.1. The following rules regulate the forum's activity and are to be indisputably discharged by the users and moderators.
1.2. Ignorance of the following rules does not relieve the responsibility for their violation.
1.3. The Administration does not pledge to inform users about alteration and/or addendum, since they are accessible to public at the current help section anytime.
1.4. Moderators have a right to settle additional local rules in forum branches, if those rules do not contradict the general game rules.
1.5. Moderator's actions can be disputed by putting in an application to the game Secretary (thread link and detailed description of the application cause required).
1.6. Characters under combat level 3 cannot post messages in any branches except "Queries and help".
1.7. Additional characters are not allowed to leave messages at the "Main forums" and "Trade and services" sections of the forum. Applications in "Justice" and "Technical questions" sections are allowed.

2. Message content.

2.1. The user takes complete responsibility for the information he or she posts in forum messages.
2.2. Users are prohibited to leave messages containing any of the following information: obscene, abusive, vulgar language, offending, insulting messages, calumny, loutishness; messages appealing to violent overthrowing of a government, those kindling national and racial dissension, those humiliating the merits of any sex, race or sexual orientation, as well as any other information violating ethical foundations.
2.3. Users are recommended to create messages with a header that most fully illustrates its content. Headers that hardly illustrate the content at all might get the thread deleted, and its author banned.
2.4. Users of low literacy are recommended to compose messages in a text processor with spelling check. Messages should contain proper punctuation and capitalization to make it easy to understand the content. Extensive use of short forms such as "u" instead of "you" is prohibited.
2.5. The official game language for Forum communication is English.
2.5.1. It is allowed to use other languages in the following cases:
- The phrase is a quotation. In case of large amount of quote text, a brief English rendering is required.
- The language, being mother language for the majority of members, is used in a specific clan's topic.
2.6. The forum is not designed for personal discussions. If your messages do not concern other players, use private mail instead.
2.7. It is forbidden to create a topic in "Main" section of the forums that repeats or continues a locked one on the first page of a forum branch.
2.8. Archaeology - raising ancient topics back to the top of forum branch - is forbidden. In case if there is a necessity to remind some of such topics contents, it is recommended to use quotation and/or link to such thread.
2.8.1. Quotation abuse is forbidden. If quotation size exceeds 350 words, a link to corresponding post must be used instead.
2.9. It is forbidden to place same or very similar threads in different forum branches. If you have created a thread in the wrong branch by accident, contact any forum moderator online and request it to be moved to appropriate forum branch.
2.10. Trolling (posting messages in the forum that carry purely provocative sense and have a purpose of erupting conflicts, insults and offtopic communication between members) is strictly forbidden.
2.11. SHL (spreading harmful links) is forbidden. SHL means giving reference through any of the game media to sites containing any of the following:
-viruses (including screamers);
-black markets, bots, "cheats" etc. for LordsWM;
-materials of indecent or insulting content;
-other online games or their advertising;
-options of earnings through the Internet;
-polls on subjects not concerning the game;
-counters of visits (clicks), unless they are related to the game;
-a request to enter one's character's password.
2.11.1. It is forbidden to quote harmful links.
2.12. It is forbidden to publish contents of private correspondence with any character on the Forum without previous public consent of the other correspondent. Publishing clan mails on the Forum is allowed only with the condition of having previous public consent of the clan leader.

3. Ban.

3.1. Those that have significantly violated the forum rules are liable to ban - temporary withdrawal of access to posting at the forum.
3.2. The administrator and/or moderator have a right to ban a user immediately for an indefinite term for a single significant forum rules violation or for any other reason considered sufficient for such a sanction.
3.3. Moderators or Administration have a right, but no duty, to inform the users or other moderators of the reasons and terms of a ban that they have applied.

4. Flood, advertising, foul words and insults.

4.1. Flood means posting messages not related to the discussion matter; messages not carrying any sense; messages acknowledged useless by the moderators/administrators; messages violating the local rules of a forum branch. Flood is not considered a malicious violation, however such posts can be deleted and the author might get banned.
4.2. It is forbidden to post messages preventing the users from comfortable reading the content. As an example, posting messages with an extremely large amount of characters without spaces will result in warping the forum structure and hence is prohibited.
4.2.1. Abuse of capitalization, redundant letters, words or symbols in headers and messages are forbidden.
It is allowed to use:
- up to 3 redundant characters in a header;
- up to 3 redundant characters per word and a total of 5 per 100 words in a post (rounded up to nearest 100);
- a separator (line of multiple underscores, dashes or equality signs) to separate sections of the text.
Each separator counts as 3 redundant characters regardless of length (mind rule 4.2). Spaces between redundant characters and spaces embedded in words are counted as redundant characters. Each capitalised word is also counted as one redundant character unless it is absolutely necessary (e.g. a character’s nickname is spelled in caps). Redundant capitals in headers are not allowed.
4.3. Flashmobs on our forums are forbidden. Flashmobs are events when a player or a group of players post multiple messages of similar content in order to promote a topic, sink a different topic or provoke a moderator to lock or delete an important topic.
4.4. It is strictly forbidden to use foul language.
4.5. Foul language with regard to an administrator, moderator or any other project staff can be punished by banning for 1 month up to blocking the violator's character.
4.6. It is forbidden to insult other players, as well as to provoke an insult. Any player can lodge a complaint in case if he or she has been insulted. However, terms of analyzing a complaint are unlimited.

5. Actions of official clan members.

5.1. Administration's actions and decisions are not subject to discussion.
5.2. Moderators must be impartial. A moderator can be wrong. If you suspect he or she is, ref. par.1.5.
5.3. Moderators are allowed to estimate the actions of other moderators, of an administrator, or to discuss their decisions exceptionally through private correspondence with them, on the special hidden forum, or directly with the game Administration.
5.4. Flashmobs (ref. par.4.3.) directed at criticizing official clan members' actions are punished severely, beginning with 1 month ban up to blocking the character without a chance of being unblocked.

P.S. Dear players! Our forum holds a relative freedom of speech. However, please remember, that the comfort of the majority of players is our priority, so please be patient to each other and do not spoil the fun of the community.
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