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Money and items transfer log
All financial and material transfers between players are recorded in this log. The record keeps date and time of the transfer, as well as sender's and receiver's names.

Combat log
All combats the player took part in are recorded in this log. The record keeps date and time of the combat, as well as the participants' names. The victorious party is marked in bold font, the attacking side is always recorded on the left. By clicking a link of the combat you are interested in, you are able to view any past combat.

Game log
Similar to the combat log, every player has the statistics of his or her "Two Towers" games. The records here are formatted in this way:
[Game time]: [Game starter] vs. [Opponent] [Bet]

Gambling log

The winner is marked in bold font. The game time is a hyperlink, by clicking it you will be able to view the game.
General gambling statistics (win-loss ratio, winnings and loss totals) is shown at the character information page.

General gambling statistics

The list of all resources possessed by the player can also be viewed at the character information page.

Yet another statistical count is led to record player's wins and losses at the casino, total amount of combats and wins ratio, racial skill and Guild experience levels (check the image above).
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