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MALAYSIA or any aseans


AuthorMALAYSIA or any aseans
Hi, om from Malaysia. Is there any others around?
There is a Japanese guy around :)

Also there were a few people from Philippines and Indonesia. But they don't appear at the Forum :( They're mainly seen in the chat.
haha. hi Arctic, i see you around the forum almost everywhere. Haha. =) what do they mean by russian servers? do we have asian servers?
They mean that the game was started on russian language about a year ago, and now they've opened the game in english.
I don't think that this is a game problem =)
So i just moved it to off game forum =)
malaysian here...

malaysian here too..
i from singapore...close to malaysia haha
i am from sabah why are u guys so funny about malaysia
I am from Malaysia as well . State of Selangor .City of Subang Jaya .
i'm from sarawak, malaysia. any sarawakian around?
im a malaysian too, from klang,selangor
i singapore woodlands hehe...

close to malaysia
im from thailand
near malaysia ;)
im malaysia too..pahang
im from Philippines :P
Hey!! malaysia too... in Penang
Hello guys ) I'm charming lady from Bedok South , East Singapore . )
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