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AuthorEverything about .ru
Clicking Yes, votes for the game to receive a Web Award.

So by clicking "Da" we vote for heroeswm? Can we vote only once/ip or one/day/ip?

Another question:

I've seen a .ru player get 1000*combat level exp from an ambush. Here exp is capped at 500*combat level. Is this an update too or has it always been like that?
this one should work

Thanks Takesister & Korzika for the links. Nothing beats a visual wxample. :)

I noticed the Barb placed his Rocs in the middle of the field, whgich was not possible previously. So what is the layout space like now? 2 tiles all round? or... ?

PS: Ddang, 4-5 speed troops is goona have a hard time reaching the caravans for the first 1-2 turns... :/

yeah, now you have 2x2 in corners and 4 times 2x2 in the middle of the map edges. rest is like on our server
Wow!! 18x18 is HUGE!

That map would be a pain for Necros and Knights..
OTOH, Necro's Lich can now have spectacular effect on the enemy, provided it gets first shot.
Wow!! 18x18 is HUGE!

Good for Wizards:D
wish that was here be so much better lol
for gem85:
Once per 24 hours I believe.

Note: The 18x18 map applies to Delivery Quests for the MG where you get ambushed by Brigands to... just did one.

My shrews couldn't reach the enemy in the first round (unless you placed them perfectly), and I had to wait from them to come.
I've seen a .ru player get 1000*combat level exp from an ambush. Here exp is capped at 500*combat level. Is this an update too or has it always been like that?
yes, it is new. Maxim(adm) said that they "fixed a bug" and now players get exp as they should.
This is weird, half the ambushers were already dead at the start of the battle:


Is this another new feature?

That battle doesn't seem like an ambush... I think it was something like a second try (???) at barbarian brigands.

It was a brigands quest, but it was my first try, in fact it was the first delivery quest i'd done on ru.
Then maybe it's a way to scale down brigands' difficulty to the player's level. I don't know, I'm not playing my .ru character anymore, I really miss the English user interface there.
Latest Announcement (17/10)

Dear players, for your convenience in the battle, battle management functions using the mouse have been added. Now, any battle can be played without using the keyboard at all, purely by controlling the mouse! By pressing the middle mouse button, you can open a window with information about the unit (similar to ctrl + click), and to do an action that requires the holding of the Shift, such as performing a melee attack without returning, simply click the left mouse button and hold it for more than three seconds.

Also in the battles you will encounter a new landscape background, one which will immerse you into the atmosphere of autumn.
I rather use Shift though, and my mouse doesn't have the middle button.
http://www.heroeswm.ru/warlog.php?warid=117012436 autumn field is pretty
whats the vote before you log in saY?
for Wurmtog:
Read post 779
Is this something new? I've never seen a battle like this one before.
for Javi:
That's the Conspiracy Quest.

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