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AuthorEverything about .ru
Oops! I just assumed it had to do with the voting because of the picture.
Dear Heroes!
Today, all masters of the guild gunsmiths an opportunity to change to improve the artifacts without destroying them. The number of required elements is the difference between the old and the new price, plus one item. Please note that the master can improve the mod up to its maximum, even if the artifact is installed mods than can set the master himself. This change will better reflect both the beginners and the already well-known guild master gunsmiths, as well as on all the heroes who are thought to improve their artifacts.

example you have an art with 4x9% enchants
for futher upgrade 4*10 you need (30-24+1)*2*4=64 elements total
[Post deleted by moderator Takesister // Insulting the server]
[Player banned by moderator Takesister until 2009-11-19 22:57:12 // No insults.]
[Post deleted by moderator Takesister // No insulting people]
[Player banned by moderator Takesister until 2009-11-19 22:28:59 // Don't insult him. Warning ban 1 minute]
Just fine-tuning what last_one did:

Improved crafting

Dear Heroes!
Today, all Enchanters have an opportunity to change to improve artifacts without destroying the previous enchantment. The number of required elements to do this is the difference between the previous and the new cost, plus one element. Please note that an Enchanter can improve the enchantment, even if the artifact was not previously enchanted by himself. This change will better help both the beginner and the already well-known Weaponsmiths, as well as on all heroes who want to improve their artifacts.

Thus to improve a weapon from 9% to 10%, instead of destroying the 9% and creating a new 10%, as it was in the past, you can add to the 9% by using elements equal to the difference between the old cost (9% costs 24 of each element in the forula) and the new one (10% costs 30 of each element in the formula) plus 1. It will thus costs (30-24)+1 = 7 of each element in the formula (7 more shards and 7 more stools to increase Earth 9% to Earth 10%)
can somone answer my post please i want to do the tourny on .ru
for DivineDarkElf:
There is no such program that I know off. Why do you need Russian? Just don't post in the forums or chat in Public Chat.

Battle chat is ok to use English, you know.

If you really need to, use Windows Character Map to copy and paste the Russian characters you want
oh tru didnt know u were allowed to chat in english on the battle field ty take

gl all ill be on russian most of the time sorry to be a tratior

[Post deleted by moderator FaithBringer // Off-topic]
Are Estates transferable or be sold over at .ru? If yes, how? In market like arts and elements?
for Bartimeus_FT13:
Your point??

for Jedi-Knight:
Yes, they can be sold on the Market, similar to how Empire is doing it now to us.
Yeah, I really dislike it when the random NPCs start trash-talking you in a random hunter battle. And if you talk back, they keep throwing random phrases at you!
for Agarwaen:
It's not their fault, they are just repeating what players say.

And is this really the place for you to discuss about that?

What is this? AFAI understand the one below this is a Throne tournament #2, where necros, DEs and Demons dominated (only 1 elf made it to the top :D) But what is this one, where elves and wiz dominated? Tier 4 upgardes tournament??
Tier 4 upgardes tournament
sorry, about this post, but i have to whine somewhere without making a new thread.. someone on ru, wo i ambushed, is waiting the whole 120 seconds every damn move, it's so boring, omg, omg
have you hear the sound in combat?

that's so cool. similar like HoMM. :)

Wonder when we will have like that. :)
where do i have the best chances to ambush a player? (not caravan)
cause players dont get stronger next time.. :D
The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable.
Please try again later.

.ru is completely slow and down this evening..

i had the best results when ambushing between peaceful camp and tiger lake during the day (10000+ online)

and east river <-> dragon caves during the night (3000- online)

if you ambush between ER and DC during the day, you'll get two victims too often
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