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Building a house for lordswm!


AuthorBuilding a house for lordswm!
* For those who have no idea what we're talking about:

We're building a house for LordsWM. To help us you just need to follow this link


And that's it. You don't need to do anything else. Every click from one IP adress gives us one brick :) (you can check the link from one IP once every 12 hours, other clicks don't count)

The more clicks we get, the better our house is, and the closer it is to center of map.

Why are we doing it?
Part of visitors of internet map sees our house, so it's an advertisement of sorts. And a small way to thank the Administration :)
All clicks - 1742

Rate: 1575
All clicks - 1764

Rate: 1601
more clicks
All clicks - 1764
almost =)
1800 is a new house
i wonder wat it will look like in a few years :)
All clicks - 1792

Rate: 1633
+ click
come on help the community grow ^^^
i keep clicking =)
we re so close, our house can change any moment now =)
up and click :)
All clicks - 1838

Rate: 1671

Now, only to wait for map to update, and we get a nice red roof for our housie :)
mwahahah we have it, the red roof =) !
for Shebali:

So what's the next mark?
Next mark is 3000 clicks, which gives a really different house (not just roof colour ;) a lawn and a doggie ^^
up and click :)
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