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Building a house for lordswm!


AuthorBuilding a house for lordswm!
for spartan300:

:* you too :)
for Shebali:
p/s : my sweet heart will be jealous...

Zyanya~~~ no answer...?
She'll answer eventually :)
for spartan300:

Ah, what was it that you wanted? A ban, right? :P
for Zyanya:
sad... :p
im kinda new but heres a click for the house lol found this by accicdent just trying too learn the game dont know maybe advertise on the front opening page once might spur interest -just an idea-
click click click
how maneh clicks nao
We're building a house for LordsWM. To help us you just need to follow this link


And that's it. You don't need to do anything else. Every click from one IP adress gives us one brick :) (you can check the link from one IP once every 12 hours, other clicks don't count)

The more clicks we get, the better our house is, and the closer it is to center of map.

Why are we doing it?
Part of visitors of internet map sees our house, so it's an advertisement of sorts. And a small way to thank the Administration :)
Don't let the topic die while I'm away :P
^Bump :P
Don't let the topic die while I'm away :P

Don't worry, you can count on us. :P
yes! we will survive!
>_< bump
bump :)
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Up!
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