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All about Knight faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Strategy


AuthorAll about Knight faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Strategy
I am trying to become a thief and will be in a few days. about 20 days.
So, one question...
Being a slow faction, how can we do thief to be effective?

Troops choice, settlement, talents, etc...
for Gaara:
i am not a knight myself but i have seen a few knight thefts :D
i think it will be quite effective if you switch to classic knight(though you may face problems due to low fsl). i have seen many people take rally and select guardians to be their primary troop. i also believe if you manage to buy royal griffins later on that should help you to deal with some of the ranged enemies.
Another strategy you can try as a classic knight is to have some knowledge and spell power to cast spells solely on your massive stack of guardians.
If however you feel that fsl would be a very significant problem to deal with as a classic knight, try holy knight with crusaders as your leading troop, perhaps alongside with wild griffins.
if you dont plan on buying wild griffins, you may try to recruit a fair number of wardens and cast mass evasion if your enemy has a significant number of shooters.
when i became a thief at lv 7, ambush was not easy for me to carry swordsmen and recruit to move in the map. bowmen were quickly wiped out. griffin were the only unit to distract the archers but would die fast.

but now at lv 11, a knight thief is not much easier for me. crossbow and warden are still first targets.
does upgrading to brutes increase my recruit count for other troops?
I believe it should. and I generally use my xbows to draw the attention of enemy ranged so my guards or calvary can get in close and start doing some damage.
As far as I am concerned, holy knight with max wardens has been doing the trick for me, along with mass spells. Caravans based on high initiative units or dark/chaos magic become almost impossible but everything else is doable in min ap. That is my experience at level 13 of course :)
does work aimed shot on monsters??? does ignore their defence???
it used to, but i read somewhere that monsters are now imune to defence reducing ability's and such, i could be wrong tho
for MangaBlanco:

I recently leveled up to lvl 14 and thieving changed dramatically. At lvl 13 I would go holly along with expert mass spells and max wardens. I split the later in 3 stacks all in the same corner with crusaders and monks, buffing them non stop while griff and cavalry went to block enemy archers. But now the only way to perform this strategy is not to carry angels(or any other tier ) so I can have my 3 stacks of wardens. The problem here is the caravans have also become stronger and that extra meat I'm not carrying with me ( angels for example) can make a difference. Maybe I just need some time to adapt this strategy to the new caravans or maybe you have some advice? :) Sorry for the long post ^^
for lik:
As an Holy knight you could try max brutes and crusaders build with mass spells. Take few bows as a decoy.

Most of the time in level 14 I played as normal knight with either retribution build or mix of offence+defence+morale build.
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