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All about Knight faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Strategy


AuthorAll about Knight faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Strategy
What are the general weaknesses of level 13 and 14 Knights both classic and holy in CG mixed battles for level 13-14?
The low initiative of most of their troops.
What is the best recruit count, talents and tactic to beat the CG trial?
Max melee
Low shooter
Holy build with only a few mana(you should know better where to cast)

Wait form them to arrive to you and attack first after taking with retal.
This is how I passed it long back.

Just wait for the right moment and strick .
there are+2 luck from rings , +3 from talent , special necklace that have +2 luck = 7 luck is max i think , of course you can have elf set with more luck :)
but for morale 3 from talent , 2 by rings , 1 by necklace = 6
you can have templar set that gives + 3 morale :)
and +3 from flute sattire for a particular stack
According to my knowledge, +5 morale/luck is the max. value. You can have +6 or +7 luck/morale but it would work same as +5.
never experienced more than +3 luck +4 morale :D
thanks Haldin
you dont need too much luck parameter.

luck talent is expensive; knight major strength are slow. hence, knight cant make full potential on luck usage.

go morale path is easier.
How to survive in Blindfolded battles. the opponents used lightening spells on my guardians, cavalry and griffs died after 3-4 turns, rest died of poison. I came 3rd anyhow. Is there some general way to do these battles, i haven't been much in PvP battles
[Post deleted by moderator Arcanide // Up on request.]
[Post deleted by moderator Arcanide // Up.]
When troops with double strike ability attacks an escorted stack, my hero strikes only once, but according to description the hero should attack every time the target is attacked in melee. Am I getting it wrong or something. Thanks in advance.
i dont think escort is useless... check this out!!!
@vegeta30 I am not saying escort is useless. my question is completely different. what i am asking is the hero should attack two times instead of one.
I could not beat tribals any suggestion ?
i can kill most of their troops, but either shamans or enforcers or a big stack of goblins are left with so much tribal spirits.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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