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All about Knight faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Strategy


AuthorAll about Knight faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Strategy
due to previous thread was outdated, new knight faction thread set up again.

In this topic, members of the faction are asked to discuss everything, that concerns THIS faction: skills, stats, tactics etc.

Other similar topics will be closed.

I hav 2% earth enchant on my reprisal sword. so it means that if my swords do 100 dam. they will do 102 damage ,right ?

but if my farmer (1) does 1 dam. he will do 3 damage or 1 dam. ?
plz reply fast
2 percent of 1 dmg is still one..
so will farmer deal 2 dam. or 1 dam.
2 percent of 1 dmg is still one..
1 dam.
1 dmg
Escort is sometime usless.If no 1 attack that monster it will be kinda waste of a turn.You can do many thing in a hero turn...bless example or rapid
Escort is sometime usless
And often, it makes all the difference. Every thief will confirm.
Any example ? Well, just this one :
Does any one have a good strategy for a lev3 Knight for recruitment (with and without training chambers)and for positioning? Any other tips are welcome.

Thanks in advance.
Max number of swordsmen, then max bowmen and farmers if anything available remains.
Keep all your swords in one single big stack, and split your other troops so as to have the maximum number of stacks possible : when a stack dies, your swords gain + 1 att.
escort is useful at late battle when everyone left only some troops.

it kill most tier 3 in 1 strike, or even tier 4
hey... im havng trouble with my hunting... i dont noe how to recrut my forces; i just cant win battles which are sometmes yellow when they r tier 1 or 2
for Mudboy:
Build the upgrade to have recruits... You'll have more troops, things will be much easier !
PetitEtMerchant is right, Escort in fondamental for a knight without monks and crossbowmen... when you have a big stack of swordsman (or guardians), it become deadly... every time an enemy attack this stack it takes 21-27 damage, without artefact at level 7... with artefacts you can quite kill a tier 4 creature.
i miss the unlimited retaliation strike in HMM5, it was the stronger version of retaliation strike (escort in LWM). it deal 300% more dmg with the attack LOL
Hmm. What's a good strategy for a level 4 knight (obviously me)?
Same as level 3?
And.... Is there a special way to beat a dark elf? I find it quite hard
In hunt then you meet high-initiative enemy(roques, forest keepers, plains wolves, lizard cubs and others) bowmen build "box in corner" is wrong. I separate bowmans on some equal troops and put it far from each other. Also it give you confidence that mobs will not attack your main units first(swords and griffins) and you have some time.

yup, same like lv3.

when against DE, in general, you can ignore the bandit unless the DE recruit more bandit than shrew.

always kill rouge 1st. and keep your swords on mino, try to chop those mino before they chop you
When you say 'more than shrew', what do you mean?
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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