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Barbarian faction topic


AuthorBarbarian faction topic
In this topic, members of the faction are asked to discuss everything, that concerns THIS faction: skills, stats, tactics etc.

Other similiar topics will be closed.
Barbs seem to be rather few...

But the barbs out there I want to ask what you guys think about hobgoblins vs goblins vs wolfriders.

Hobs seem to be an expensive but weak upgrade to me. Any body think otherwise?

Maxing out on hobs gives more hit points than wolfriders, but you just can't beat wolf's double strike.
Hobgoblin is one of the strongest creatures tier 1-2..They can easily kill 10 ogres or 15 griffins in one lucky hit.
Before lvl5, I think Barb is one of the strongest faction, coz Orcs are the strongest lvl3 archers, and so is nasty Hobgoblin. xD
in my experience in level 5 hobs do more damage than wolf if max out and you take retal with 1 stack of 1 hob to an enemy.you can sacrifice your hobs because in the end your ogres will crush the remaining enemy troops together with orcs.
Barbs seem to be rather few...

in level 9,true.there are only 11 level 9 barb players.but it seems this 2 days i see lots of level 2 to 6 barb players always online.lets see if they will stick with barb faction.they should see kushn in action.
The fact that in lvl9 and above there are fewer Barb players is Barb is not good at thieving, after the TG2, it's really very hard to reach TG4 with Barb. But in high lvl, Barbs are great in group battle, especially against Mages/Poisoners. Barbs are almost immune to all magic with new magic proof arts/racial abilities/talents.
The fact that in lvl9 and above there are fewer Barb players is Barb is not good at thieving, after the TG2, it's really very hard to reach TG4 with Barb

i totally disagree from what you said.let's just see.im just 5 wins away from level 3 thief.lets just see if i can get to level 4.win or defeat nothing can stop a girl from trying to reach thief level 4.nothing in this world is impossible.
ROCS is the best... hate that bird....anyway...from my personal view...u can reach any level in this game...any guild level if u try hard and have passion for it...A few barb will reach theif level 4 SOON...Impossible is nothing.....(Chelsea FC..2008)
barbarian is very good if used correctly i think the biggest downfull for barb is the wolf riders weak hit points
Use hobs from Lvl 5 ~ 7
barbs rock
The one thing about hobs is that their damage is consistent ^_^
Sion....that was awesome!!

Looks like you've all helped me make up my mind in getting the hob upgrade.

Thx guys
Do you guys invest in single gobs to protect the orcs? Personally I don't, their big enough to take care of themselves?
I don't. Single gobs are retal sacrifices... :p

I'm close to level 5 now and was wondering where to put that extra point:

these are my stats right now:

Attack: +6
Defence: 0
Spell Power: 0
Knowledge: 0

Spells and knowledge seem pointless as we don't get magic.

So attack or defence? I think attack, but any opinions?

Majority goes for full attack, so go ahead.
I have a rebel streak so I put mine equally to both.
I like going more on attack, do put in to factor that we can get defence points from labour guild levels and that defence arts are more plentiful.

Just my thoughts, anyone else?
attak full go....
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