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Barbarian faction topic


AuthorBarbarian faction topic
barbarians have good Inits will attack first, then try to increase attack than defence ..

Happy Battle ^^
A simple thing to do is get as much luck and attack as you can and keep hobogoblins maxed... (yes i say hobogoblins not hobgoblins)
Attach it is then!

And regarding talents?

Luck seems always a good choice, but double dmg on the heroes attacks sounds awsome...morale is also interesting
For lvl 5 I went with luck most of the time. When I fought the dragons I went for double damage though, cause my troops would be almost useless anyway XD

For lvl 6, battle fury is a must have IMO
barbs get no love ;-(
If you dont have a question, what should we answer then?
No questions means no one's playing them ^^"
Anyway, that was meant to be a bump.
barbs are too tough after lvl 6 onwards..... gr8 faction , i agree with bear at lvl 6 battle fury is deadly :).... i love barbi ;P
i am one of the barba reach TG4.. but now change to dark elf, i will change back at lv 10
Points only Attack (more artifacts is to defence)..
But i have one question! I am barbarian level 8.. Is better 100 hobgoblins, or 50 wolf raiders (triple attack) ???
wolf raider, no doubt about it...
yangguo, you reach lvl 4 TG as a barb or as a DE? i have a guildmate who is struggling to get to lvl 4 TG with barb. so if you reach TG 4 as barb, let me know.

btw, barb is the best all around race...the only time i noticed its weakness is at lvl 9 for group battle, you'll have a little problem in group battle against most other, although it just mean that you got to play rocs/wolf better at lvl 9.
Check my Combat Log for the Hero Graat. Of the 3 heroes I play I seem to win with Barbarian the most.

Note my barbarian hero Graat is level 5.

I don't agree with getting a lot of hobgoblins. When I have fought against other barbarians I eat their hobbos for lunch. They are great XP in group battles. Just have enough to take Retaliation hits.

Maxing Orcs is a must. Although Elven Bowmen can dish out more damage, orcs can withstand more damage (and usually go before elves). Thus they tend to balance out.

Ogres are a problem. They have great HPs and do nice damage, but their initiative is so poor and with a speed of 4 this makes them limited. I use the minimum amount of 5 rather than 7.

Wolves are under rated. While it is true they have low hitpoints, their initiative and movement is nice. When their double strike can be used to best effect Wolves are absolutely devastating. After Orcs I max out wolves. You do need to be careful with Wolves however. Wolves have low hitpoints. Do not move them up too quickly and do your best to ensure they get first strike. Wolves can dish out fantastic damage but can also be decimated very quickly.

Check out Graat's combat logs. You will find them useful.


I struggled with lvl 5 as barb. Elves kill me far too much with druids, despite me being magic proof -.-
I also found level 5 to be kinda hard, but barbs do pick up at lvl6...
I'm also loving my hobs at the moment, never really liked them before.

Ah yes, lvl 6 barbs pwns too much ^^"
Only lost to necro sometimes. Others are mostly a breeze.
I think DE is way better for ambushing than barbarian :(
I like my 10 strong stack of ogres. People tend to concentrate on killing my orcs and hobs first, if i play my cards right near the end of battle i still have a big and hard to kill stack of ogres in dangerous positions to clean up.

bloodlust is so cool =D
for Azz28 : Ogres are hard to kill, even with 8 sm + 8 minos and 3 druids ... I ever fought even 3 on 1 (all level 5) and the 1 barbarian is with 7 ogres and me 3 a knight, a DE and an elf ...

They have knockback and that ability seems often appear at battlefield recently I watched some fightings

Best regards,

kushn rocs anyway
https://www.lordswm.com/warlog.php?lt=-1&warid=1865657 (Wojciech743 is my old character)

Its first time when i met him. He was lvl 7 :P
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