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Barbarian faction topic


AuthorBarbarian faction topic

That was awesome.... :D

i saw a few comments ago that ppl complain about hobgoblins... well, in my humble opinion, they rock :P

im lvl 6 so i cant say above, but al 5 and now they r saving my butt so much. They r tougher than wolfs (less hp but more numbers and def), i usually go with 40-50 hobs and 19-23 wolfs, to get max benefit of battle fury, and i found that they r a pretty good combo. Even if ur enemy hits ur hobs and kills 20, the 20 remaining r still a good damage-dealer.

here r some battles where hobs REALLY save my butt... and i doubt i would win these with max wolfs


+42 What is type of that battles?
Its blindfold battle?
somebody help me plz, i kinda rech lvl 7.
what is the best formation of troops @ this lvl?

thx b4
n what is the best talents 4 lvl 7...
i'm lv 5 and trying to do mercenary quest. what mission is do-able at lv 5?
except monsters, army of necros and vanguards of dark elves, i had well results on mercs quests at lvl 5, wearing some good arts in some of them.

Ambushes r tough too at lvl 5, at lvl 6 u can face anything.
sorry for double post, i forgot to mention that vanguards of necros r still killing me at lvl 6... so at lvl 5 u will get slaughtered too :P
Yeah the necro vanguard is tough...u do mean the one with wall of apparitions right? or have gotten all mixed up.
Sigh, why is it so hard for a barbarian to beat caravans at TG 2?
what do you think about vitality? i think it's a good talent, considering our damage dealer monster have low hp.
most high level barb choose expert offense + battle fury + cold blade, no variation >_< .
i think the fact abot defense skills is that costing 8 points make others skills more atractive, i explain;

since vitality costs 18 talents points, u can only afford it from lvl 7, when u have 20 talent points, so at that point is better to choose 2 luck o leadership talents. at lvl 8, u might choose between 3 defense talents or 3 offensive talent, and since barbs ar quite well at initiative, most ppl will go better for offensive than defensive playstyle. If u try it and make good results, tell us plz.

btw, what do u think is better at lvl 7?? basic leadership + rally or advanced luck??
leadership can be easily equiped with rings and amulet also natural +1 so not so good. rally is quite uselles for barb because it gives few units due to low first - second level hitpoints.
with barbarian theres nothing to concider about, battle fury talent is Essential for barb:) later on you can choose like cold blade or thrusting might...
to my mind -> offence -> battle fury -> cold blade -> retribution
Sometimes the orcs bloodlust is crazy, just look at this battle with 2 giants

I would love to have a creature that has unlimited retaliation... because all other factions have either a creature that have unlimited retaliation or no retaliation. knights have griffins, unlimited, necros have vamps, no retal, wizard have modern golems, unlimited, elf have faeries and sprites, no retal, dark elf have shrews, no retal, demon have cerebi, no retal

Thats why i wish to have an unlimited retaliation creature in barbarian.
why barbs always lose to a knight faction..?
we have triple strike, that's deadly (even though i am not at that level yet) and unique. too bad wolfie has low hp :(
just on attack :)
till lvl7 barb have 2% chance lose to knight one vs one. the other 98% of winings belongs to barbarian monsters :D.
barbarian faction looks the best choice for me if you want to feel a power!


everyone for them selfs:
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