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Barbarian faction topic


AuthorBarbarian faction topic
In level 7 not many people can get past the ogres.
btw, what do u think is better at lvl 7?? basic leadership + rally or advanced luck??

Leadership and rally was my tip.

At lvl8 the only difficulty is keeping the Raiders alive past the first wave especially in an ambush!!!

Sometimes, I would like to exchange the third strike for "no retaliation"!!!

Attack, attack, attack as defence is useless!!! (is my catch phrase for the Barb)
I think leadership is quite useless for a barb. Sure got more troops but they are weak against offense skilled ones. I would prefer advanced luck with an amulet luck (3 is a good chance) or battle fury if you can get it.
I meant primary rally. but leadership isnt good, too.
agree 99% what leadership is useless.

l prefer:

lvl/5 basic off;

lvl/6 basic off, batle fury;

basic off, batle fury for lvl/7

and for lvl/8 - basic off,batle fury, basic fortune. (+2 (with art)luck its not so good as +3(with art), but with +2, even then when its not work, l will be doing biger damage always:))

or :)

basic/advanse off,batle fury. (all on attack :))

and for lvl/9 l will wait and think:), maybe there will come some changes on talents label till l will reach it :D

basic off + batle fury. :)
At lvl 9 I use Expert Fortune for hunt. Basic/Advanced Offence, Battle Fury and Retribution, if I have 4 morale, otherwise Cold Blade.
At lvl9 still and always basic+advanced offense + cold blade or basic luck it depends on situation or on my mood :)

Leadership is useless as was said before. Defensive talents are useless too I think, cos true power is in the offense.
What does Combat School Level 2 do?
you can attack a 3 x 3 square with your hero
with the middle one 100% damage and the others 50% damage
Thanks, sounds funny.
can lv 6 barb do thiefing easily? or should i wait till level 7/8
my experience is barb cannot do thievery easily on any level :P thats why have been using elf for that
Elves, DE and Barbs are good to finish thieve .. espceially when X-Bow are with u ^^

Sorry for asking, but does every time barb skill level raise, u get more troops ?
Sorry for asking, but does every time barb skill level raise, u get more troops ?

no, thats knight's unique racial skill
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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