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Famous Sayings


AuthorFamous Sayings
Damnation is Eternal

To question is to doubt

Serve the Empire today tomorrow you might be died (a saying i changed it a little to make it for lordswm lol
Breathes there the man with a soul so dead
who never to himself hath said
this is my own my native land
whose heart hath ne`er within him burned
as home his footsteps he hath turned
from wandering on a foreighn strand
O caledonia stern and wild
meet nurse for a poetic child
land of brown health and shaggy wood
land of the mountain and the flood
land of my sires

~The lay of the last minstral~
My hearts in the highlands
my hearts not here
My hearts in the highlands
a-chasing the deer
a-chasing the wild deer
and following the roe
my hearts in the highlands
wherever i go
Chrichton though now
thy merry court
but pens the lazy steer and sheep
the turrets rude and tatterd keep
have been the minstrals loved abode
oft have i traced within thy fort
of mouldring shields the mystic sence
scetcheons of honour or pretence
quarterd in odl anomial sort
remains of rude magnificence
(when i copyd down last one it was unreadable i copyd em all from a book called scotland from the air (yes both sides of my family are scotish... mostly) by giles gordan)

"True art, worth walking a thousand miles to behold."

"I could never be happy in a place as bleek as this."

"An honest man is the noblest work of god." (also from scotland from the air... this one only)
You're gonna need a bodybag,
I'll break bones you didn't know you had.
When I'm done there will be nothing left of you
for your friends to hold on to
when they find you cold and blue tonight,
face down in a parking lot.
My last words to heroeswm // lordswm players

"It`s not that i hate or can`t stand you,
it is that i am quite simply bored of you."
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