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Something about diamonds


AuthorSomething about diamonds
I'm here to discuss something about diamonds with you.

Since now, it's impossible to sell diamonds to other player. It's forbidden by games rules.

I don't think this is a good thing, and I'm going to explain why I think so.

1) I'm sure that the donation system is a good thing and it helps in supporting the development of the game. With donations they are able to continue in their work.

2) Suppose that someone can't or doesn't want to spend money to play this game. There are others who are able to pay or want to support, so they donate and get diomonds to buy special upgrades.

Why don't let them the chance to continue?

IF there the second kind of player could sell diamonds we would have only advantages.

- EVERY diamond that could be sold on the market will mean that someone donates for getting it.

- IF anyone has 10 euros to donate, he will donate more often if he could make 30.000 or 40.000 gold selling them on the market.

- More donations means more money for the admins to continue in developing this beautiful game.

- Everyone should be happy and there could be peace on earth!!! ^__^

This is what i think. I'm curious to listen your arguments.
Personaly, I agree. I know I would've donated more if conversion rate wasn't meager 2500 gold. Esp. considering how costly diamonds are :/

But I'm sure Admins had their reasons for forbiding diamond selling in game :/
Whatever those may be...
if diamonds would be possible to be sold to the others, hacked accounts will be for shure more frequent.

my 2 cts
if diamonds would be possible to be sold to the others, hacked accounts will be for shure more frequent.

I don't understand why... can you explain?

Moreover, this is a security problem, not a gameplay problem... I'm not a computer programmer, but I think that an hacker is not going to lose his time on game password. Maybe the admins should rise the security level (don't ask me how, I'm not the man to ask for something like this) to avoid that risk.
because the day you can sell diamonds, there will be people that will sell them against real money.

(eg. you bought 30diamonds, i hack your account, and i can sell those diamonds for 40% cheaper than the donation system).

so people will start complaining to the secretary and for says, 15 complains there will be a real case of hacking. but the devs must investigate thhe 15 complaints which may probably take a lot of time. I prefer devs working on new evens, new mobs, new battles types, new arties and so on;)
hacking is probably useless, because it is shown in the transferlog, and if we see that someone received 40 diamonds for 1 gold.... yes then they both get blocked
good argument;)
i hack your account
Easier said than done. Unless owner of acc does something increadibly foolish, like gives away password, it's not easy to steal one's char. Besides, buying diamonds isn't shown in logs. For all you know, I could have 1000 diamonds on my acc :P
for zouris:

Now I understand, thanks! ;-)

But as you seam to agree Sven gets a point ^__^
if you have 1000 i'd be glad to share 35 with you, i give you some mercos quest elements;)
if you have 1000
unfortunately, that's not the case :P
Me be poor student *sniff* me don't have 1000 euro *sniff**sniff*
I'm going to hack your account Shebali!! :-)
Topic moved from "General game forum" to "Ideas and suggestions".
i agree need to be option to sell diamonds on market.
Admins can put announcement that for one week they will allow trade diamonds on market (need to hide sellers name to avoid tries to hack that account) and also for users in transfer logs wont show the transfers diamonds-market-gold (but admins will see.
Then they will see how much money will come in one week if they will feel bad they can put another announcement that there was too many abuses and complains (tries to hack accounts and so on) so we forbid this for good or till new security system will apply.
and if theres a security problem there should a an option to recover our account by answering some questions about our account and also for diamond buyers there credit card number if they have paid with a credit card......
There shouldn't be any questions about credit card numbers :) lol
Instead each player should have another code for selling diamonds. This way hacking would be even twice harder.
Actually now it is possible to trade diamonds on market... only problem is it could be done only by bulk option.
You buy theft invitation for 80 diamonds and put in market for 500k so it`s make 6250 gp/diamond - yes only problem is you need to invest 80 eur to get 500 k but no option to pay less.

So in market diamond cost would be more than 6250 gp/diamond. Also we could write this as a petition to game makers to allow put in market diamonds (or those who now exchanging diamonds - gold wont do this for a month) then they could consider this... and if money flow will stop they will have to think about this.
yes but if you buy thief invitation that's not the same as diamonds. You can't upgrade your castle with it ;)
Agree so the market price for 1 diamond would be even higher!!!
If players who are paying money go get gold here and they can get only 2.500 will stop pay money to exchange and say put option to sell diamonds on market for price what we are willing to sell it they will start to listen.

Also if i exchange diamonds to gold i fuddling in game extra gold in if i sell in market I get richer (gold) and someone gets poorer + 1% interest rate, so it wont destroy economy.
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