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F.A.Q on Additional Characters


AuthorF.A.Q on Additional Characters
This is a Topic to know all about "Additional Characters". It was written in accordance with the Administration.
Q. What are Multichars/Secondary chars?

A. Multicharacters (multis) and Secondary (Additional; Alternative) characters (adds; alts) are two different things.

Secondary character is an account of a person who already has a main account, that is destined to learn possibilities of other factions.

Multichars are Secondary chars that violate rules, mainly by assisting the Main char in any way (financial assist, mutual combats, smithing assistance i.e. providing lots of 0/X items to repair, etc.).

Thus, Multichars are bad and are subject to punishment. Secondary chars are also bad, but allowed :)
Q. Why do people create Secondary chars?

A. One of the main reasons is to test another faction and to learn their advantages and disadvantages, in order to decide whether or not to play it with the Main character.
Q. How many Adds can i have ?

A. You may have up to three characters. 1 Main and 2 Adds. If you have more, they might get blocked at any moment, and your Main might receive a penalty.
Q. What if there are more than one player gaming from one IP? Are they considered any one person's Secondaries?

A. No. Each particular person on the other side of the screen can have one Main account and benefit from its advantages. Each of them may have up to two Alts as well. However, abusing this right is not recommended, it is quite deducible whether or not someone is indeed a relative, or just a Multi disguised as one. Also note, that there are certain rules of managing multiple accounts from one IP, as well as for managing one's Adds.
Q. Where can I find rules about "Managing multiple accounts" and "Managing Adds" ?

A. https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=5
Q. Why are there so many restrictions on the Secondaries' activities? They literally have to walk one straight line there!
A. Alts were only allowed as a favor from the Administration to be able to play with other factions. Normally, this game's policy is to let everyone have only one plenipotentiary character per player.
Q. What happens if my Add breaks any of those rules, but that fact remains undetected?

A. If it remains undetected forever, you may consider yourself lucky, because even 3-4 months old cases are known to have been dug up. If you cheat, it is for your own bad, and sooner or later, you will be punished.
Q. Can my Alt have his/her own clan ?

A. No. Technically there are no restrictions, but certain rules, like impossibility to receive clan fees, make presents, store other player's items in own inventory, make it totally impossible for an Alt to own a clan.
Q. So can my Alt join the clan of my Main then?

A. Yes. As long as there are no transfers between the Main and the Alt, including entrance fees, there is no problem about that.
Q. What about Thieves' Guild? What can an Add do to get there?

A. Any operations with Thieves' Guild Invitation and the Thief artifacts are out of bound for Secondaries. You may have them enter the Guild only using diamonds, but even after gaining levels in the Guild, your character will not be able to sell, rent or trade any prize items.
Q. I have read this FAQ and realized, that I have more characters than I'm allowed to. What should I do to surrender the excess ones?

A. Create a topic here
with your Main. Post nicknames of all characters that you want blocked. The sweepers will take care of them soon.
Q. I have read this FAQ and realized that I have violated "Adds management" rules. It was totally unintentional, so I am ready to confess. What should I do? Will my good will be accounted?

A. You should create a topic here
and list your sins. The sweepers take to account the self-confession.
[Post deleted by moderator sry // As Requested]
nice job collecting this FAQ on characters , and i have a question , are alt allowed to change to main and main change to alt ?
[Post deleted by moderator sry // Wrong Post]
[Post deleted by moderator Shebali // no longer true]
so my alt can sell stuff on the market and buy stuff on the market but i cannot get thief items?
[Post deleted by moderator Shebali // Wrong]
[Post deleted by moderator sry // Off-topic]
[Player banned by moderator sry until 2009-03-26 11:27:49 // Ok as u asked in PM]
for lukeman56789:
3.13.6. Additional characters are not allowed to buy, trade or exchange rare set artifacts and Thieves' Guild invitations(TGIs)

But you can get them if you level up in TGG, just as usual.
What wrong ? i was asking a question about it
k thanks
for Im_a_noob:
Your answer was wrong.
To answer your question - yes, you should return TGI before changing.
If the main has leased and returned a TGI already can an alt lease a TGI from a third party?
3.13.4. Additional characters are not allowed to take or give items for rent.
This includes TGI
an alt may NEVER rent any TGI
no matter in which circumstances

3.13.6. Additional characters are not allowed to buy, trade or exchange rare set artifacts and Thieves' Guild invitations(TGIs).
Rare artifacts are any items that are not displayed in the Artifact shop and that cannot be acquired in hunt.
Additional characters can enter the Guild using diamonds, but the TGIs and artifacts received as guild bonuses cannot be traded to other characters. We would like to remind you that additional characters only serve to get acquainted with the features of other factions
I Would like to suggest to Everyone in the game , To Read the Rules once again.
[Post deleted by moderator Shebali // no longer true]
17 is against the rules ask arctic
[Post deleted by moderator Shebali // no longer true]
[Post deleted by moderator Shebali // now irrelevant]
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