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10% melee bonus


Author10% melee bonus
If i have a weapon that adds 10% melee bonus and i have a talent that add 10% melee bonus will i get 20% or 10%??
[Post deleted by moderator Sven91 // wrong]
[Post deleted by moderator Sven91 // wrong]
the incresse is multiplicative

so it is 19% like shebali said
Where did you get this silly formula?

If the increase is "multiplicative", then it should be 21%:

1.1 * 1.1 = 1.21
It's inverted multiplicative like all the other damage and protection formulas such as magic resist and magic damage increase.
Forgive me to ask, but could someone plzz tell me the URL to get the formulas like that ?? i wanna learn more .. plzz :)
It's cummulative, actually. The formula posted is correct.

for RandhyTheDarks:
There's no manual full of formulas.
What if I wear a hunter set so I get 20% bonus damage to neutrals and also have basic offense (10% melee bonus)?

1-(1-0.2)(1-0.1)=0.28=28% ?

Nope that is wrong.
Look here: https://www.lordswm.com/warlog.php?lt=-1&warid=5181873
(ok this is not me, but I'm using it as reference)

Hobgoblins deal 532 damage to Farmers. 133 perish.

56*4*[1+(17-1)*0.05]*1.1*1.2 = 532

So the effect is 1.1*1.2 -> 32% increase in damage.
That might be because the 20% bonus damage to neutrals is not considered the same as 10% melee bonus so a separate set of formulas is used.
Aha, I see what you mean. In that case, each increase of the same 'type' is cumulative, but when combining the different types of bonuses for final damage, the effect is multiplicative. Thanks. =)
Shebali, the formula posted cannot be correct. What mathematical nonsense is this?

I think you misapplied the formula. That formula you used is probably applicable in the case where a person has 10% melee defense bonus and has a talent that adds 10% defense bonus. In that case, damage taken is 81%, or 19% reduction.

"Inverted multiplicative", as Pantheon put it, should only be used for subtractive bonuses like protection or defense. Don't apply the formula blindly.
you are wrong and Shebali is right, it also works liek that for elemental protections etc. try it out and you will see she is ok
I must agree with geyron here.
it's either: 20% or 21%.
I just fail to see how you came to 19%.
Geryon is absolutly right, all bonusses stack. You guys are wrong and i exaclty know why:
If there is 2x10% reduction you have 100%-10%=90%-10%=81%
Because 2x10% damage can neutralize that to 100%, you think its also 19% but it isn't true.
And so its vice versa, if you have: 100%+10%=110%+10%=121% which 20% reduction can neutralize: 121%-10%(10% of 110%! otherwise on the end there will be 98,01% which is wrong)=110%-10%(10% of 100%!)=100%

Both formulas which come out to 119% instead of 121%, 80% instead of 81%, 120% instead of 121%, 79% instead of 81%, or 98,01% instead of neutral (100%) is COMPLETELY wrong.

Its 81%, 121% and 100% nothing else!
As I said, Shebali's formula is only applicable for bonuses that "reduces" damage taken, like defense and elemental protection, not for bonuses that "increases" damage dealt.

But we are making things more complicated than it really is. If bonuses are multiplicative instead of additive, there's only one formula you need to remember:

(1 + x1) * (1 + x2) + (1 + x3) * ...

where x1, x2, x3, etc, can be either negative or positive. In fact, the formula would still apply in the cases on conflicting bonuses and penalties.

Let's say you take Basic Offense for 10% damage increase, and your opponent takes Basic Defense for 10% damage reduction. You might think that the two talents neutralize each other. Not so.

(1 + 0.1) * (1 - 0.1) = 1.1 * 0.9 = 0.99

The net result is a 1% reduction in damage, so in a sense, Defense wins out.
Shebali, the formula posted cannot be correct. What mathematical nonsense is this?
You'll have to ask admins that one. I don't invent formulas.

All bonuses of same type are cummulative, so while the formula posted may not be the one for 'talent bonus'+'hunter set bonus' it's definetly correct for 'enchantment'+'enchantment' And it doesn't matter if encantment in question is offensive or defensive.
shebali's formula is right

for example this battle, aru is wearing three 4x10% enchantment arts for dmg

each enchantment gives 27.1% increment

so its 1-(1-0.1)(1-0.1)(1-0.1)=0.271=27.1%
imagine you have a creature with 100 damages, and you have 2 bonuses giving +10% damages each.

there are only 2 possibilities:

110+10%=121 damages, you have 21% bonus.
it's the normal formula for 2 modifiers giving "+10% damages" each

10%+10%=20% bonus
100+20%=120 damages
here it's not really "+10% damages", but "+10% of basic damages".

all other results would be mathematical nonsense.

formula of shebali at message 4 is a mathematical nonsense, that's why Geryon and triplebuzze disagreed with it.
but it seems to be the formula used in the game.
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