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10% melee bonus


Author10% melee bonus
I agree with Straws. Shebali is right. Aside from the protection formulas. For damage it is the same as demonstrated by the elemental damage enchantments.

all other results would be mathematical nonsense.
Mathematical formulas can be done with any arrangement of proper numbers and operations. But I agree that the 2 listed possibilities are standard outcomes.

But the admin's formula that Shebali put down would be logical if the admins were thinking of some sort of physics and their formula explains how you can't combine 2 (or more) of the same type of bonus without some kind of energy waste.
@17 (Geryon) Yes i also thought that, i came out at 98,01% i thought huh? but now i understand, Geryon ^^

@20 Karsot is also right with both formulas, if you have 10 attack (+50% damage) it'll do +50% damage on the basic damage (example: i do 100 damage, i get basic offense, now i do 110 damage, i have some arts that give 10 attack, now i do 160 damage, NOT 165!)

I already knew of Karsot's formulas but when i get 98,01% out i got confused but thanks to Geryon i know why ^^ the game formulas arent right but it only matters 1% maybe 2%, no-one cares :P
I believe that Shebali is right.

I don't know how moderators can have more knowledge than us about Lordswm formula. It seems that they have better access to Lordswm information than us :)

Hobgoblins deal 538 damage to Shrews.

45*4*[1+(21-3)*0.05]*1.1*1.1*1.3 = 538

Basic offense: Melee damage dealt is increased by 10%
Master hunter sabre: Increases melee damage by 10%
Master hunter set bonus: +30% damage to neutrals

I believe this settles it.
yes that are individual bonusses, those are mostly 1.1*1.1*1.3 but sometimes: 1x1.5 ^^
If I understood #25, I would reply to it.

Fellow lords, "Shebali's formula" applies to the DISPLAYED +xx.x% enchantments, which result from enchantments of the same type from multiple artifacts. Straws has explained this in #19.
It also probably applies to damage reductions and possibly some other things as well, but that isn't very relevant at this point.

Still, that doesn't answer the original question about how much bonus damage would result from a +10% melee damage weapon and a +10% melee damage talent. (I wonder if Mistcloud is still following all this, after we got so carried away with the discussion.)

So I went to do a little research, if you call it that. I went to review various battles to see how those enchantments exactly work. The effect of damage modifying enchantments is ADDITIVE. +27.1% of the 4 elements results in +108.4% extra elemental damage.

All other damage bonuses are MULTIPLICATIVE. If I have advanced offense, +10% Melee damage, +30% Damage to neutrals, and 4x27.1% enchantments, I will get 1.2*1.1*1.30*2.084=3.576 damage multiplier.

Take a look at the classic Kiaune vs 25803 skeletons

Sprites deal critical damage to favoured enemy.
Sprites deal 2645 damage to Skeletons. 661 perish.

Basic offense -> +10%
Thief dagger -> +10%
Enchantments -> +(3*26.3%+19%)
Damage to neutrals -> +18%
Critical -> +100%

65*3*[1+(30-2)*0.05]*1.1*1.1*1.979*1.18*2 = 2645
[Post deleted by moderator MasterTI // Not your topic to lock]
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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