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Hobs and Fury

AuthorHobs and Fury
"DeasprateDesire" says that 2 talents of attack (20%) gives more than 1 attack + battle fury to hobgoblins and when I say thats he's wrong he says that I have go to school and learn math...
So who's right?
[Player banned by moderator Shebali until 2009-05-27 13:15:50 // BOW]
1 attack + battle fury would give more damage for hobgoblins than 2 talents of attack.
Rnd(min,max)-random integer of the min-max damage interval
N-number of creatures in stack
M-mutual faction skill

-IF Attacker's attack>= Defenders' defense:

let's take N=1, Rnd(min,max)=1, M=0

so if attack is higher than defence by 2 points:

That's only a 10% increase for 2 attacks points
I never said 2 talents of attack o_0 nereid is just makin up _____ to try and prove some point

the math is 10% of 2-2 is rounded to 1
from hob (single hob math)

the same at 3-3

nereid be quiet anoying pest
[Player banned by moderator sry until 2009-04-27 03:30:16 // Hi again. Banned for posting w/multi.]
Oh and also would some mod ban him for slander?
3.9.1. Additional characters are forbidden to post messages at the Main forums. Your communication identity is supposed to go through your main one.
yup, he said that 10%dmg for 54 hos are better than +1dmg to each one ;))
Shall anyone say to him that those 10% needs to count from whole stack , and not from each hobgoblin?????
I believe the main question was answered. Shall anyone say to him can be done in PM, or he can create a topic for himself. This is getting close to flaming.
closed by Shebali (2009-04-27 16:48:47)
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