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Repair at cost?

AuthorRepair at cost?
I'm perplexed at why some people would pay someone 100% to repair ordinary, non-hunter, unenchanted items. Wouldn't it be much, much better to just sell the worn-out items and buy new ones? Am I missing something?
shhhh.... be quiet. there are smiths trying to make a living here :+}
it depends
for example a full great hunter set is very rare
So its cheaper to repair then to buy a new one
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for Sven91:
kinda unrelated to what he asked;
ordinary, non-hunter, unenchanted items
for Geryon:
Answer: Because someone has to

A) Make sure fledging repair smiths can raise in Smith Guild Level
B) Make sure they don't run out of gold doing it
C) Because no one in the right mind would hand over a Sword of Might {E10W10A10F10] to someone who can only repair 10% just to train that guy up.


D) Because some people are noobs and think it's good this way
Sometimes repairing shop items is better than sell/buy. For example during tournaments price on morale rings gets really high.

As a rule of thumb it's cheaper to sell stuff rather then repair for full cost. Now if the smith doesn't charge full cost - that's where it gets interesting, because some deals are better than sell/buy.
Were i can repair ?

# How do I repair artifacts?

Artifacts are repaired in blacksmiths, the castle constructions that require combat level 6. Any player who has the blacksmith in his or her castle can repair artifacts for anyone else. However, remember that selling artifacts and buying them again is cheaper than repairing them. Do not repair artifacts unless they're rare (like Hunter arts) or Enchanted.
to Geryon

Check how much costs theft amulet and how much it costs to repair ;) and then you will see the difference. I think I will even repair to max smither and pay 120% of repair cost, just to keep it lasting longer...
again, ordinary, non-hunter, unenchanted items
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