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Skill points effect on DE

AuthorSkill points effect on DE
Hey, I would just wanna know what does skill points effect on a DE? Cause I have a demon that is on the brink of level 7 but my intentions are to change to a DE. Does DE use skill points like knights and wizards on increasing army size, or does it only affect its Piercing Magic specialty?
[Post deleted by moderator sry // ]
it only affect its Piercing Magic specialty
Only affects Piercing Magic and gives a couple of primary attribute boosts.
We wizards dont get increased army size for faction skill level... I wish we do =)
oops sorry hidden, i meant necro. mistaken identity xD

thanks all =)
DE-skill is one of the most useless.
But shrews...)))
closed by Shebali (2009-05-08 17:59:34)
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