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Why do i have a low faction skill level??

AuthorWhy do i have a low faction skill level??
i am elf faction 5

i am almost level 8

i do hunts only (about 1 in 100 battle PvP)
and merc quests

i dont know why other players my level are faction 6 and im not.

i ask for assistance in a lot of my hunts does this have anything to do with it?

what am i doing wrong?
Elf: 5 (449.20) +50.8

You're almost lvl 9 with fsp almost 6 - while that's not exactly high, I wouldn't say it's terribly low iether. As for xp/fsp ratio.. maybe you did a lot of PvP on low levels? Either way, don't be too concerned with it.
for Shebali:
He is nearly level 8 mum not 9 xD

for Elven_Lord:
As i said to you about 5 minutes xD i don't partically think that is low. Your not far away from 6.
i red that if you loose games you get better fsp\xp and you have a really high victory rate guess its the reason
do i have a really high victory rate. i didnt know that well thats nice to know
i am worried because i hunted only up to level 5 then had a few PvP s then hunted up until now i just dont understand besides i was told that it would be good to get the 2 init at faction 6 before i start thieving. p.s. does thieving have a good skill point ratio
Many lvl7-8-9 char joined hunt before admins changed the assistant reward.
They got only sp and micro hunt points, xp not.
For that, they have better sp level then another lvl7-8-9 chars who didnt assisted in hunts in the Great Era. :) I think...
oh right #7 that might explain things

so is 6 a freakishly high faction skill for lv 7?
I wouldn't say freakishly high, but that's in the higher range.
not relay but rather useless... to get it you need to have about a 30% wining rate(just guessing ) and the time spent dont worf the small bonus you get of +2 ini and extra 5% on favored...
Thieving has a great sp/exp ratio. Second I was a dark elf faction level 1 when I started thieving. I returned invitation in 8 days. So much for the low faction level..If you want to be level 6 faction level elf, start thieving, I bet you can do 50 sp in 3 days with thieving.
how many skill points do u get for 1 ambush?
1 if you win against caravan. depends if you win against player.

considering my mistake w/your level - you're doing pretty well. not freakishly high but good and solid)
You get 1 Skill point for a victory against a Caravan (NPC)

You get different amounts (usually more than 1) when you ambush a player(s) depending on the situation :)

against a caravan, you get 1 skill point if you win.
cheers thanks for all the help and advice everybody. i guess thats my questions answered. thank you

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