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Any help 2 help me lvl up ??

AuthorAny help 2 help me lvl up ??
Im playing lvl 7 since LONG TIME ... And i dunno how 2 win the fights.. because i think DE's have big disadvantage in range ..
any help 2 lvl up ?
Mercenaries' guild: 1 (54) +66

ur only lvl 1 merc guild. bring that up and u'll get +60k exp untill they are impossible. also do hunts.
Go strength build--no spell power.

All points into attack.

Try your fights like that...do group battles, use full arts, and buy a thief cloak.

do group battles

do NOT do group battles.

Go strength build--no spell power.

All points into attack.
Create everyone for himself battle.
do NOT do group battles.

Why not? He wants to level up.
same with me i get 1st half (100k) but its hard to get the other i change to might few days ago and i killed a demon YEY but there is not much players doing pvp
There aren't many people doing GBs because even though it say "x" amount of players online...a large chunk of them are afk, or multis lol.

Your best bet is to make GBs with a + or -1 level gap (as it makes sense) to attract more players.

PVP is the unquestioned best way to xp...no xp caps or faction limits, so to speak.

And some barbarians told methe faction that is the hardest for them is Dark Elf ( at lvl 6, so it must be at lvl 7 too, since there're not new creatures ). But you must be might, not magic.
Mmm .. i think all ppl think the same : i shouldn't get mana and SP ... oks im going 2 buy oblivion pot .. thx all ..
range is not usefull for DE's. I think yu should increase to maximun the rogues.
ok thx i did ..
Minimum rogues? I thought magic DE has max minos and might DE has max rogues (or shrews :) )
looolz .. look .. im a magic DE .. so wat i recruit ?!!! 32 rog and 20 min or 3 rog 30 min and 24 poison ?
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