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How come?

AuthorHow come?

Every thing's on ZERO

All the guilds, roulettes battles.

But he still has 59 thousand gold
strange nothing in his transfer log?
With the reference link.
for Qrrwizix:
Maybe, but I really doubt that someone who has been in the game for 2 minutes could have invited about a 100 people.
Admin's experiment?

Maybe Admin was testing something using that character.
He's actually been in the game for over 2 weeks. It is certainly possible to invite 10 active players.
He can. Put his reference link on forum web pages, and other sites.
This is an old char. If someone registrated from his link, can be a level 10+ char. And need only 2-3 char for this amount of golds.^_^
My mistake. He's been in the game over a year.
for Qrrwizix:
500 gold per char when they reach level 2, but that mainly answers my question. If you have any other suggestions write in this topic
+30% of his winnings ( for example if I level up and take 10,000 gold he receives 3000 )
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