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Wizard Faction Topic


AuthorWizard Faction Topic
In this topic, members of the faction are asked to discuss everything, that concerns THIS faction: skills, stats, tactics etc.

Other similiar topics will be closed.

Link to previous topic:
Wizard Faction Guide by Jabbar https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=4362081

I decided to write this text as reference, because of the same and the same questions appearing on wizard faction topic about the same things.

This guide reflects my personal experience playing as wizard throughout most of the game so far. Some of these opinions I express here may not be shared by other high level wizards that have had different experiences and tactics, but I would safely assume that most of them would agree on the vast majority of the points mentioned there. It is up to you to read this and adapt it to your own play style, changing whatever you feel is wrong. This is simply intended to be as a place to start and find useful information. This also can give hints to opponents on how to face wizards.

a) Extra damage in hunts and MG quests: This damage bonus depends on faction level of wizard. The bonus damage is 50% * faction level. So if you are wizard 2, you do 100% more damage, if you are faction 4 you do 200% more damage etc. Therefore if you use magic arrow with 2 spell power it normally does 40 damage (its 24 + 8*spell power). If you are hunting and you are faction level 2, it will do 80 damage, if you are faction level 4, 120 damage!

b) Mini artifacts. These are expensive. Their effect depends on your faction level. You can find tables with what mini artifacts you can make on every level on most clan sites. Example: Click on mini-artifacts at:
http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http://www.witchhammer.ru&sl=ru&tl=en&hl=en &ie=UTF-8
After faction level 4 you can make double mini arts ( cost is doubled per component so they cost around 2x2=4 times more than single ones ) and after faction level 7 you can make triple mini arts ( cost is tripled per component so they cost around 3x3=9 more times normal than single mini arts ). You need to make as many mini artifacts as the creatures you have in a stack to be able to use them (maximum 30). So if you have 25 gargoyles you need to make 25 same mini artifacts. Then you can equip them on gargoyles. If you have 35 gargoyles, 30 mini artifacts will be enough to equip them. Mini artifacts for different stacks must be different. This means you cannot give a +4 defense to gargoyles and also a +4 defense to golems. But you can give +4 defenses to gargoyles and +3 defenses to golems (different numbers of a stat count as different mini arts). A double mini artifact that gives +3 attack/+4 defense is different than the one that gives +4 attack / +4 defense (since one of their components is different).

If you cannot understand how mini artifacts work after these examples, then I am sorry but you are not smart enough to become a wizard, switch your faction to barbarian right now and don't read any more below!

For more details on what mini arts you should make for every creature/level see section 7 below.

Wizard faction is all about patience. To be a successful wizard you must be patient in everything; battles are long and time consuming, you need to gather a lot of gold for mini arts in addition to maintaining normal arts like every other faction, you will be bad at Thieves guild forever. The good things: You will be good in hunts throughout the game (for a good amount of creatures in hunt you will be the best faction), you will be one of the best factions for MG quests and you can be a monster in PvP that will be able to beat more often than not every other faction except barbarians [This requires high faction level and expensive mini arts, and assumes equal gear, to be true].

3. EARLY LEVELS (level 1-4).

At this level you don't have a good spell to play with. Magic punch sucks but it's the only available option so you simply have to live with it. Don't bother making mini arts so early in the game, save money for later - you will need them when you reach faction level 4 to make double mini arts. Recruitment is simple: You want maximum gargoyles and then golems. Gremlins suck. Don't bother using them after level 3. Don't plan in upgrading them at level 5. It's wasted money. The tactic is usually to run away from everything while hero weakens everything with spells and then finish off the enemy if still alive with your creatures. Points from leveling should go to knowledge until you have 4 knowledge. You should also use the enrage ability of gargoyles to the maximum like this: Keep all gargs in one stack and split your golems/gremlins in as many stacks as possible (stacks of 1 and one stack with the rest). You need to make sure the other stacks die first (not very hard since AI always targets everything else except gargoyles first). This will mean that gargoyles will gain +6 attack which is roughly 30% extra damage, before they are going to hit.

PvP: You should be quite good against most factions at these levels. Punch can be used to take down opponent shooters (especially elven bowmen and orcs are very dangerous). Keep your big gargoyles stack hidden behind single golems/gargs and when enemy melee units come closer, take retaliation with a single unit and hit. Don't expect huge success though mostly because magic is very weak at these levels.

During these levels the game starts to change for a wizard slowly. First of all you get genies. Genies are high on AI aggro list (higher than magi usually) and they go for them first. At level 8 you only get 5 genies. They are too few compared to what other factions get at that point. Don't worry you will get your revenge after level 9! At level 8 genies should be used primarily as casters. They can do random dark magic spells on opponents. Try to cast on the most dangerous stack. They can cast 3 times total in every fight (in most cases they will be dead though before they cast all 3 spells they can). Rest of the creatures should be as before. Max gargoyles max magi then few golems. Tactic is similar to earlier levels in hunts/MG quests. Run with gargoyles ( you now have enchanted ones which are far better than normal for this job and considerably more hit points ) while AI goes for the rest of the army and hero empties all mana in opponent's head. After everything else is dead gargoyle should be in one of the 4 corners of the map to make sure minimum opponent stacks can hit it every turn while hero finishes them. This helps especially against large creatures because only 1 will fit there. For example if you manage to get 1 hydra hitting your gargoyle you can survive in the corner for huge amount of time while hero kills the rest hydras around (no retaliation helps in this case).

At level 9 you get 11 genies with the Treasury building. It's usually better to split them in 2 stacks to get more spells on opponent stacks. Stack of 5 and 6 genies is good enough since 5 turns duration is usually plenty to give you extra time to cast. Level 10 you get modern golems. At this point it is good plan to minimize magi and replace them with golems. Magi become weak because their damage is very small compared to enemy hit points now (unlike low levels). Modern golems' unlimited retaliation is very good bonus and helps more than magi, since they have considerably more hp as a stack.

Lightning replaces magic arrow now as your bread and butter spell. More powerful spell for only 1 more mana helps kill stuff a lot faster and boosts you a lot. You also now have the neat option to raise dead. After level 8, raising can get up a good stack of genies and give you extended durability. It often wins otherwise lost battles. Keep in mind though wizard is no necromancer. Each stack can be effectively raised once; afterwards hp loss is too much. And living creatures lose their morale when raising (fortunately gargoyles are not living and neither are golems so this is not a huge problem, but it definitely poses an extra small limitation). Fireball is not good in PvM battles. The spell bonus from high faction is divided with spell area (9 for fireball) so it doesnít really compete with lightning (unless you can hit 5+ stacks which is very rare).
Talent choices after intellect include sorcery and mana recovery (for very long fights). Combinations of the above depend on the fight at hand and intended gear usage.

At level 10 you also have to build the Academy of Holy Magic. This is a bit expensive but trust me it is very much needed.
Even if you never invest in talents to boost the holy spells, simply having them as extra options can be lifesaving. For example rapid on gargoyles is winning an otherwise lost run-and-cast hunt, giving it more time to move faster out of danger ( 20% initiative without any talents is still not a small affair ). And of course when you do a team hunt or a group battle, sometimes doing a rapid for 15 turns on a key stack can be the difference between winning and losing.

PvP: After this point being pure caster in PvP brings more and more limitations. Spells are getting too slow to cope with the many dangerous stacks opponents will have. It's still strong against many factions (like elves, knights) but don't expect to beat many demons as a caster anymore. Barbarians also are completely impossible as caster at this point. This is the transitional period from caster to half-might or full-might builds for PvP. Level 8 you cant really do much as might but after 9 and 10 you get 2 good stacks to help you ( genies and modern golems ). Enchanted gargoyles also become monsters slowly with the triple mini arts that come into play. Of course all these require high faction level and double or triple mini arts on almost all stacks; if you are new to wizard at this level you cannot PvP as might. Full might becomes clearly the best choice after level 11 with yet another stack coming into play. PvP talents at level 8-9 should revolve around sorcery to speed up casting (since that tends to be the biggest problem). At level 10 fireball comes into play for PvP so either chaos magic or wisdom are more or less necessary. Caster build in PvP for group battles is a lot better than in duels after level 10. Fireball works better due to the large amounts of creatures in the battle field (easier to hit more stacks than in duels and opponent cant completely spread - or if he does he will grand big advantage to your teammates). It is also less demanding in terms of mini-arts. Having a single defense mini art on most creatures is enough to fight as caster in group battles.

Overall level 8-10 is tricky for wizards. Especially 9-10, there are different approaches that can be taken (regarding talents and troop setup) depending on fight.
6. HIGH LEVELS (level 11+)

At level 11 you get Sphynx Guardian. This new creature is amazing. It has high hit points, very good damage output and no retaliation. Its moving speed at 5 is ok for a large creature. Its initiative is low at 9 base but there is the option of adding morale to its mini artifact ( after faction 8 - 3 morale + 1 from hero base goes to 4, which is going to give to your blue babe a lot of extra turns ). Of course at level 11 you can only have 3 of them so it isn't a very impressive stack, this changes at level 12 with the increase of number to 5 with citadel. This babe is also a very good target for raise dead; it will be raised with 72 hp each the first time, giving it a second life that is not too weak.

At level 12 you get lorekeepers. This is a huge upgrade from magi, for various reasons. First of all, hit points. Magi at this level feel like tier2 creatures rather than tier4 with their lowly 18HP. They die like flies and their impact is too small. Lorekeepers get a healthy 30hp, which is quite good for a tier 4 shooter. They also get considerably more mana than magi, increasing from 15 to 25 and 2 very powerful new spells: chastise and fireball. Chastise works very well with the various might or half-might builds around and fireball can be used to take down several small stacks that happen to be close to each other. Fireball costs 10 mana though and it is often better to do 2 punches that do considerably more damage for the same amount of mana, in the case that you can keep them alive longer. Of course if fireball can hit 3 targets or more it's clearly superior. Last but not least, intellectual vigor. This ability will make all spells cast by the hero to cost 25% less mana. This effect applies as long as at least 1 lorekeeper is alive.

Talents for PvM don't really change much, you just have more points and you can bring more talents to play. Erudition and Sorcery trees are the usual choices, offering a choice between casting speed and pure spell power. In full arts hunts/MG quests it is usually helpful to include chaos magic after level 12 since when you are at 20-25 spell power range every chaos magic talent increases the damage to as much as 2 spell power would, roughly. The more spell power you got, the better this talent is.
PvP: This is the point where you will enjoy PvP most. Especially if you managed to save enough gold to get triple mini arts at this point. Either as caster or as might (or some hybrid) you will be one of the most feared opponents in group battles. If you want to PvP as a caster you need expert sorcery. Without that, you will simply fail because hero becomes way too slow to compete. You can get enough spell power from gear (and basic erudition). You don't need huge amounts of mana, 90 mana should be more than enough to kill any player army at this point. Key part is having a high defense from arts. Since opponents do damage to you based on attack, and they max that out, if you have a low defense you are doomed. Going into a duel with 10 defense against a might-oriented opponent with 35 attack will mean you donít get to cast more than 2-3 spells before you lose. With the defense from mini arts added to the normal arts defense, you can get your creatures to a point where they will have similar defense to opponent's creatures' attack. This will severely reduce opponent's base damage, and of course don't forget that talents like offense and cold blade apply after base damage is calculated. So having a high defense makes those stuff less effective too for your opponent.

I am personally tending at this point towards might build for PvP with some magic support to help deal with ranged stuff mostly. Dominion of Fire is an excellent talent to pair with might build. Its effect is simple: reduce the stack you are going to hit to half defense then go in with any of your stacks and 2-shot it to dust. Genies are lethal in might build, their initiative/speed and flying combined with their big numbers and mini arts can kill most of enemy's stacks in 1 hit. Gargoyles also become extremely powerful melee unit (assuming faction 8: 3 base attack + 4 from faction + 21 from hero ( HG + 2 rings + amulet + sword ) + 9 from mini - art + 9 from lorekeepers chastise gives 46 attack which can become 52 when fully enraged - those who have tasted them can testify about their effectiveness :P ) which is also very hard to kill. Of course might build really shines with expensive mini arts, specifically designed for it.

This is the most important section and the one that should reply to most common questions, so I will try to make it as thorough as possible. I will talk about each unit separately and mention the factors that affect this choice during levels. Before I start though discussing specific units, there is a very important general principle I want to mention:

All the component choices for mini artifacts are good in some way (except magic proof which is very circumstantial and should be most likely avoided entirely). The choice comes down to your style of play in the end. However, since destroying mini arts yields 90% of their initial cost, this choice needs to be considered carefully. I have found this to be the biggest problem with mini arts (and I guess this limitation lowers their overall power). You will not have the best mini artifact for every occasion unless you spend more than 10 million gold on them. You can get get the best mini arts for one style of play that will be decent in other styles of play also though with far less gold. However keep in mind that the difference is huge. For example if wizard A of high faction level has PvP oriented mini arts on all creatures and wizard B has PvM oriented on all creatures, then A will beat B in PvP 90% of the time, but also B will have 90% more records in hunts and will be in general more advanced in MG compared to A.

Also the following stuff does not take into consideration Thieves Guild. For thieves guild see section 8 below.

a) Gremlins:

This creature sucks. And the upgraded version also sucks. I would advise to completely avoid using them after level 3. If you do use them though for any reason, best mini art for them should include hit points. It's the statistic they miss most and will give them at least some more durability. I won't say anything more on these since I didn't really try them much.
b) Gargoyles/Enchanted Gargoyles:

This is the most important creature of your army. No matter what level you are, no matter what kind of fight you want to do, you want a lot of these guys ( usually maximum possible - there are though exceptions but those are out of the scope of a guide :P ). Mini artifact for gargoyle should always include defense. It's what gargoyles do. They survive while you do some stuff with your hero. Both normal and enchanted gargoyles should have a mini art with defense on them, and this is the first mini artifact you should make for your army. They will be around for the whole battle (until you win or lose).
When the time comes for double mini arts, there is a path to choose. For normal gargoyles there are not really many options. If you can afford it, make for them def/hp double mini arts. Otherwise stick to single defense ones till you get enchanted gargoyles. Attack / Luck on normal gargoyles wonít really change much; the 1-1 damage is very limiting. Also +1 speed can be added instead of hp, but hp will be better in more cases than speed.
Enchanted gargoyles are a very different story. You can go as with normal gargoyles with the def/hp choice if you want to focus on PvM. It is by far the best choice when facing the machine, since you will always be a caster and you only need your creatures to survive until you kill everything with spells. +1 speed is also an option instead of hp, but as mentioned for normal gargs, hp will be useful in more situations. There is also a more aggressive option to add attack. Enchanted gargoyles have 1-2 damage ( that might not sound good but its 50% more damage than normal ones ) and their numbers are high when you start having them so with attack mini art + enrage they can dish out some decent damage ( donít expect too much ). I tested for some time def/luck option instead of def/attack. I found out that luck without attack is really not doing much in the game. Attack gives more damage overall and itís simply better. Luck might be better circumstantially (when you get a luck hit then stack dies soon after) but over the course of the game attack will give significantly better results. Consider roughly that 1 attack gives 5% more damage while 1 luck gives average 10% more damage and you can usually have 3 times more attack in a mini art compared to luck.
Triple mini arts offer another degree of specialization. The ultimate PvM mini art is Def/HP/speed for gargs. Especially at faction 8 that you can get +2 speed this thing shines. If you want to hunt and do MG quests and win survival tournaments make this babe and you will never regret it. On the other hand, the PvP equivalent would be Att/Def/Luck. This will make your gargoyles a true monster in PvP, most likely the most powerful stack in game after the mighty guardians. There is also the intermediate option of getting Att/Def/HP. This is a very solid choice which will make you competitive in both PvM and both PvP. If you want to be a wizard that does everything quite well, this is most likely the best choice.
Morale does not work on gargoyles so it's out of the question. Initiative is also unimpressive here; the gargoyles have fine initiative for what they are supposed to do.

c) Golems/Modern Golems:

Normal golems in general suck. In the beginning you can add a single attack or single defense mini art on them to make them slightly better but donít really count on them. Their very low init and speed makes them easy to kill. They do good damage but they rarely get the chance to do it. Don't bother making double or triple mini arts for golems. They are not worth it. If you are very rich though and donít really care about gold, follow the gargoyle guidelines above, depending on their intended usage (PvM or PvP).
Modern golems are better. Their increased HP and unlimited retaliation gives them some good uses. They are not so easy to kill as normal golems (except if enemy has no retaliation creatures) and their damage is good. A nice stack of them hitting something will have a good impact in the fight. Single mini arts for those should be either attack or defense. When making double ones, you either give them Att/Def (most balanced choice) or Def/HP if you are going for the full caster play style. Keep in mind though that even if you are a full caster, there are situations that you do need your creatures to be threatening ( usually in PvP but in PvM also sometimes ) and in general the bonus from attack here seems better than hp one.
Triple one should accordingly be something like Att/Def/Luck, or Att/Def/HP. Both are solid choices and not very different in value (High HP works very well here due to the unlimited retaliation).
In general golems will usually be the least important creature regarding mini arts; you should focus on improving the other creatures first.
d) Magi/Lorekeepers:

This is the most troubling creature regarding mini art choice. The problem is that all the options are good depending on situation :) I will examine this in a different manner, talking about each mini-art component rather than full mini-arts:
- Hit Points: This is definitely good for magi. Especially at low levels. It's a huge boost as a percentage to their hit points. The value for lorekeepers is significantly lower, because they are already at a decent 30 hp mark each.
- Defense: This fights it out with HP for magi for the best defensive choice of mini-art. In most cases defense wins, but it does nothing against magic. If you want to fight elves with druids lightning or DE/demons at mid levels then go for hp. Otherwise choose defense first. Using both defense and HP on magi seems an overkill because of the more aggressive and good options available as we will see below - but one of the two is definitely needed after double mini arts.
- Initiative: This is key at mid levels to make sure magi play before enemy shooters. Playing before elven bowmen, druids or succubi is crucial in PvP to give the upper hand. And in PvM it helps play faster giving chance to unload all 3 punches before they die. This should be the choice of single mini art for magi. When making doubles I would suggest Def/Init or maybe HP/init ones.
- Morale: This is probably better than init for PvM. It will give more turns all in all than initiative. Lorekeepers can make good use of this also, can't really decide yet if it is better than initiative for lorekeepers in PvP ( they both seem to be equally powerful - depends on what creature opponent targets first with his ranged ).
- Attack/Luck: This option and the next one are to be used if you are planning to use through shot. Through shot if used correctly is extremely powerful (it is also done without range penalty). It is up to you to evaluate what way you will be using mages with. In general if you have few magi, attack/luck is pointless, but if you are planning to get a big stack in, then itís a solid choice.
- Speed: Just avoid this. Lorekeepers should rarely move anyway.
e) Genies:

Genies behave in a different way throughout combat levels. At level 8 they should be used as pure casters, 5 genies are too few to matter in melee damage. After level 9 their value as might creatures increases rapidly, due to treasury. Defense as always is the primary choice of mini artifact for genies. HP is not really as good a choice anymore since itís only a small percentage of base creature HP. Double mini arts at level 8 should be Def/Morale or Def/Init considering they are casters. If you are already faction 7 at combat level 8 the triple mini art could be along the lines of Def/Morale/Init or Def/HP/Morale or something along these lines. This changes a lot after level 9. You still want defense of course, but attack now becomes important also to increase their damage output and when going to the triple mini art for genies there are no more than 2 serious choices: Att/Def/Morale or Att/Def/Luck. Both are solid options it's up to your play style to choose. The morale version should be slightly better in PvM while the luck one is slightly better in PvP.

f) Sphynx Guardians:

When getting these you should be faction 7 anyway so not really going to mention a lot about single or double mini arts. For people that switch to wizard later, just get anything among att/def/luck/morale depending on faction level. At low faction levels the impact of mini art on sphynx is rather small anyway.

There are 3 choices that come to mind for this monster: Att/Def/Luck, Att/Def/Morale or Att/Morale/Luck. I personally feel morale is very important here because of the low initiative but it can be done without. Attack is a must have, this thing is not defensive anyway, and even in the cases it has to defend its base defense + the arts you have will be more than enough to do the job. Of course in PvP situations defense is always good to have. At this stage you should have a rather good intuitive feeling on what mini art fits best for you though. Otherwise you are doing something very wrong in this game :)

g) Giants:

No one has them yet but in general whatever works for Sphynx should apply to those also.

Wizard sucks at thieving. End of story. It is the worst faction for this by FAR. It is doable on lower levels but later on caravan hp increases so much that magic without bonus spells (caravans are not neutrals so no bonus spells there) is insufficient to kill them. Creatures also are not good enough for this. While wizard creatures are good enough to kill a player-sized army in might fights, this is impossible in caravans where hp is several times higher. Especially if caravan contains a stack of some high tier monster in big numbers you got 0% chance to win ( Wizard cant kill 15 devils stack that gate 7 more or 15 treefolk, before they take him down ).

If you want to be serious about thieving I would strongly suggest you switch faction. Dark Elf is by far the best choice and it's easier to switch to since its faction racial ability is irrelevant and wonít limit you if you switch late in the game. But you can also do it as elf or demon or even knight if you want (after level 8-9).

I will mention a few things here about how to ambush as a wizard early on (levels 6-8) - that caravans still got a sensible amount of hit points. You need to be primarily a caster at these levels since there are no creatures to dish out serious damage. However you should not neglect creature damage at all. Since there is no spell bonus you canít always win with spells. I would suggest to use a melee weapon for this (Retribution sword at 6, Sword of Might at 7-8). It will give you more damage than staff of power over the course of the battle and it is considerably cheaper. If you can afford to diamond up enchanted gargoyles even better. You will be able to reach TG2 without many problems with enchanted gargs since level 6-7. It is still doable without though. You need good defensive arts and as much spell power as you can afford. Avoid prophet rings though; they are VERY expensive for the benefit they give. Now that there are quite a few high level smiths around you can use MH ring of dexterity instead of prophet rings (they give 7% init to hero, itís like a slightly worse than sorcery talent in artifact form). Tactic is to split magi in many stacks and try to punch dangerous stacks (easier with an init mini art). Keep magi spread so that enemy spreads also, and move garg and golem to a corner together to make sure few stacks will hit them every turn. And use spikes when they gather around it, it's very efficient without spell damage bonus.

Mini artifacts for thieving should be similar to the ones that are good in PvP. If you want to try thieving as a caster (which is actually the only really viable approach at low levels, get proper mini arts for that according to section 7 above)? Defense is of prime importance here both in mini arts and normal arts.

I will briefly discuss here talents. A lot of things have been mentioned already above but need to become more specific about some things.
Wizard talent wheel has 5 trees. Erudition and Sorcery trees cost 8 points each, Chaos magic costs 12, Holy magic costs 10 and Nature Magic costs 8. I will examine those options for lower and middle levels. At higher level options are more extensive and one has to experiment to find the truth behind talents :) Consider these things apply up to level 10 or so.

-Nature Magic: Avoid this tree unless hunting magic resistant stuff like golems. Other than that the benefits are too small.
-Holy Magic: Likewise, you don't even have holy spells till level 10 and this won't do anything. Even at level 10 you have better options than this, you wonít be using holy spells a lot.
-Chaos Magic: This is good but expensive. Not worth it for the extra damage, points in erudition and through it spell power give more damage at lower and middle levels. Its value increases at level 10 giving access to fireball. Second tier talents here (Dominion of Fire, Frost and Air) are not really worth it in general before level 10.
-Erudition: Here starts the good stuff. This gives extra stat points to move around spell power and knowledge as you see fit. On the second tier there is intellect, which gives you a lot of extra mana and helps save points for spell power. The two inner talents are also decent giving some extra spell power. All in all a rather solid tree. The erudition points can be also invested in attack/defense giving an option for the wizard that wants to try melee build.
-Sorcery: This is maybe the most underestimated talent in the game at lower levels. And to a point, it is not really good before you acquire a decent spell power/knowledge. But after you reach that point, sorcery comes to solve the only problem spells have in this game: spells are slow, sorcery makes them faster. It works though after the first spell is cast so itís not doing anything during the first round of combat. It applies to all spells cast by the hero except the mass spells acquired through other talents. This means it applies normally to fireball and ice ring, it does not apply though to mass rapid or mass chastise acquired by the respective holy tree talents (those mass spells already get an innate speedup from their talents). Wisdom is a cheap way to get fireball without getting chaos magic (though chaos magic also increases damage done - but you canít always afford the talent points for it) and mana recovery gives you mana over time. The rest of the talents that decrease mana cost of spells are not helping enough at lower levels and middle levels.
Mana recovery vs. Intellect. The mathematics is simple. Calculate how much extra mana intellect gives you. If fight lasts more turns than that, then mana recovery is better, otherwise just get intellect. An example: You got 4 knowledge. If you get intellect you get 20 extra mana. You can take mana recovery instead. If you expect the fight to last more than 20 turns then mana recovery is better. Otherwise simply get intellect. Of course later on you can get both ( mana recovery also provides a safe way to regain mana if something bad happens and fight unexpectedly takes longer than planned - this has saved me several times in the past ).
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Pliny the Elder
Im not wizard and i dont have question but i would like to say thanks to jabbar. This guide is amazing :D

Thank you jabbar ^_^

May my alt rain lighting on people now :D
Indeed, amazing work :)
Wow..this is awesome..Thanks to both Jabbar and Shebali..

One question though, like any good wizard, i have stuck to doing MQ and Hunts since level 5, and really want to get back into PvP..
What sort of battles should I expect??And will I require Full arts and High level miniarts to just compete in the battle??
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