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how to defeat my wife?


Authorhow to defeat my wife?
19: maybe 18 succubi will stand up against GMB
bring max succubi,cerb,horses
after finishing GMB, stay in defensive posisiton
u'll be able to charge them 1st when they come with ur speed advantages (horses+cerb)
just remember, once GMB shoot u 1st before succubi, u r dead
Then max out monks then griffs,guardians and at the and xbows!And all points put in attack.
I'm getting curious about your combat log =S
for MyDoom,
i just wanna try to follow gryphon's advice to be a magic knight XD;

and rally is not so useful as it only give me more about 3 swm and 5 xcrossbow.

for aRU,
i have brought max succubi,cerb,horses.XD
and GMB often shoot me before i shoot her,as elf has 3% init.,so i used to use sword of might,which also give me 3% XD;
and,elfbowmen will shoot my cerbs 1st,not succubi,then her efk with stoneskin charge me.so my troops always die fast.

for MyDoom again,
i do put all points at attack,but 16 griffs only kill 12-15 efk,and be retailed die most of griffs.the only chance to kill off efk with stoneskin is xbowmen within 3 tiles.

for Terengganu,
for Terengganu,

errmmmm, why dont you look it yourself
Ok play as you like!You or your wife can always fight me just to show you how to fight.
ok,how to fight against u MyDoom?

will u change to deamon?or still be knight?but ur knight lv is 7,i believe that's a bit unfair...XD
welcome more knights to fight against me.

just reduce ur army as tany's.

u wear 9 AP,and i wear a bit more arts if ur fac.lv much higher than mine.
also, if stoneskin really annoys you, consider building that lvl 2 magic tower, and cast dispersion right before griffins attack.. might help a bit ;)
i have tried to be a magic knight just now(tower cost me 40k+ gold),and...


she is undefeatable......


If it was not that sad I would realy laugh!

Tough wife, you have...

If you try to act the magic way, you shall specialize...

1. If you choose poison (and disruption), you shall have the dominion of pain, too and at least advanced talent in darkness magic...

2. If you try to play as caster, you need time (especially for poison)! Take troops with high hitpoints with you.

3. Your Problem are the EFKs not the bows and not the Unicorns...
What ever you do, they shall be your first aim! (You could decrease their damage too, by cursing or weakening them)

4. Do you use all 7 slots of creatures you can place at the beginning of a match?! (increasing Rage of your swords...)

I saw you trying to play with holy magic... in that case bless has a great effect on every human unit (enormous range of dammage). It increases f.ex. x-bows dmg from 2-8 (average:5) to 5-8(average:6,5) without having any skill in it.

I saw many knights having Defence maxed instead if attack... maybe that helps...

If that does not help too, I am at the end of my wisdom... sorry!
for Gryphon,

1,as a lv 10 knight,i dont have enough talent points to learn:fallen knight+advanced darkness magic+dominion of pain.

2,i have calculated and bring as max HP(high def units) as possible.

3,yes efk is really terrible,so i use poisen on them too,but not very useful.
they have stoneskins anyway,

4,yep most of the time i did.but it didnt help a lot.

i used bless,but always too late,i have to use stoneskin 1st,so when i use bless,most of my troops is dead.

max def is good,but then how i kill elf.. :(

i changed back to demon now,it seems only demon sometimes can kill elf...
no matter what you are, it's stable. So, if you think changing faction can beat someone, your a noob
for Terengganu,

i thought the same as u, i trusted the game's balance at any situations,however,now i dont.

if u think a lv 10 knight can defeat a lv 10 elf when they both at low faction lv and min AP,pls prove it.it's easy to say,but hard to do.
Low AP always favors an Elf...

Do full art battles, and you'll quickly see the vulnerabilities of the elf faction.

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