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tgi rent fraud!


Authortgi rent fraud!
i have loaned my tgi to shourya more than 45 days ago and he hasn't returned it yet...i have sent 3 messages to administrator and 2 messages to secretary but i get no response...what do i have to do to get my tgi back???is this legal???if it is then i should start cheating myself as well or quit game...
He is 3 fights away from TG2
and the last fight is like 10 days ago...
that isnt the point though is it someone stole from him
That's a real problem in this game. All you can do is waiting and hoping that you get it back from shorya. There will be no action by administration.
so what,the admins and secetary is not gonna do anything about it?
No, there's a paragraph that admins don't take any responsibility about it.

They only will block shourya after a month (maybe...). I've said it often enough: It would probably only a mouse click to return it, but...
but there are obviously not interested in returning tgis.
we are not allowed to complain, insult or curse. That's why the but... is there :)
i didn't complain, insult or curse. ;) i only told facts.
so for example i rented a TGI from someone and i leveled up my TG to level 2 and decided not to return it and i get block like after a month;

will i still have the TGI and level 2 TG?
or will admins decrease my TG level and return the TGI to its rightful owner?
If you get blocked, then of course you won't have anything.
And since the admins take no responsbility for losses from leasing/loans, then the rightful owner gets nothing.
The problem is that TGI evaporates after it is used to enter to TG. You can "lease" artifacts for a limited duration or for a limited number of fights.
I see only one solution withing the game concepts, which will solve the intentional stealing issue.

The owner of TGI personally gives the "invitation" to the guild and names the person who is "invited". If that person accomplishes to reach lvl2, then TGI is returned to the owner. So only rental disputes will remain afterwards.

Let's also consider that someone intentionally or unintentionaly decides not to reach TG2. Then the "owner" should have a chance to get TGI back with "a reputation penalty"
Some quests for getting back the reputation and the TGI might be
- Must donate xxx gold to TG in order to buy the reputation back and/or
- Must level in TG in order to back his TGI back and/or
- The initiate should donate "double" amount in order to get his "reference"(TGI owner) gains his reputation back

Such kind of balanced alternatives will make the game more playable and more challenging. So you don't loose all by greed but have to do something in order to recover.
If the renter refuses to give back your TGI, then there's nothing you can do other than asking admins to punish them. You of course are not compensated at all. So of course asking for admin intervention should be your last recourse.

I lost my TGI to a scammer who changed his excuses and story every week. Since I wanted my TGI back and not to punish the guy, I waited 3 months before starting to complain on the general forums about cheaters:
but there are obviously not interested in returning tgis.

I think it's not their job, if you have dealings that require trust make sure you deal with people you can trust. Also the probability of losing the TGI is included in the fee people demand for renting out their TGI. If it were completely safe you'd probably get some few thousand gold per rent, so if you want high profits you have to take the risk.
I'm not sure if you're implying this, but if admin had an interest in reducing the numbers of TGI this could be included in game mechanics without raising much commotion.
After seeing topics like this I have sold the TGI.
I strongly recommend TGI owner sold the TGI they have. There is many TGI owner lost their TGI. Sold, you will have your money. Once lost, you lost 350k.
for ziu:
I would suggest you write to his clan leaders and tell them about this. Tell them that it is a forum topic and having this player in their clan makes them look bad. The best way to deal with these player is to exclude them from the community if possible until they make it right. When they allow War Clans, players will want to join the fun most likely. Admins won't help so you must turn to the gaming community. Try it and see what happens. Add the player to your friends list and check up on who they are doing business with. Try to close off all roads. Maybe ask your clan ambassador or leader to help you contact the player's clans for a possible better result. Good luck.
i got a list of 10 ppl who lost their TGIs already, and another 5-7 who might possibly lose the TGIs too :(
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